Will Erling Haaland go to Real Madrid with Mbappe despite being low-paid?

Real Madrid could not pay Erling Haaland with extremely high wages and also did not guarantee he would be the “center” of the team’s play. That will cause Haaland to consider.​

Will Erling Haaland go to Real Madrid with Mbappe despite being low-paid?

There is one thing that Haaland understands, president Florentino Perez “likes” Kylian Mbappe too much. Otherwise, Perez would never have paid 150 million euros to buy Mbappe even though he knew Mbappe only had a one-year contract with Real. This number was given by Real in the summer of 2021. The core problem was that PSG has too much money, so PSG did not sell.

Now Mbappe seems to be on his way to Real. Marca newspaper even reported that Mbappe will receive an after-tax income of up to 25 million euros per year with a bribe of 60-80 million euros. Of course, that bribe is right or not, we have to wait to know.

In addition, it must be mentioned that Real did not buy anything in the past, the club only brought back players in free form

What does it mean? Perez saves maximum money to get Mbappe.

Will Erling Haaland go to Real Madrid with Mbappe despite being low-paid?
Perez wants Mbappe at all costs

So in the summer of 2022, the players who have little dedication but receive super high wages like Gareth Bale or Eden HazardLuka Jovic will be pushed away in different ways (no extension, sold out …) to help the club reduce expenses, thereby making room for new recruits.

Therefore, if Real wants to buy Haaland, in addition to the fee paid for Borussia Dortmund, the commission for Mino Raiola and the father of the Norwegian striker, they also have to bear Haaland’s salary. If you look at Mbappe, Real will not have to spend that much.

So if Haaland chooses Real, he will have to adjust his income to match Real. Perhaps, Haaland will not choose Santiago Bernabéu. Former player Mathias Sammer has admitted an offer believed to be around 600,000 euros per week (30 million euros per year) – an amount Real Madrid is not willing to meet but Manchester City agreed. 

In fact, the Dortmund adviser has admitted that he will see Haaland play in the English Premier League next season.

Will Erling Haaland go to Real Madrid with Mbappe despite being low-paid?
Haaland will not choose Santiago Bernabéu

Real are one of the smartest teams in the transfer market but in the current situation, Perez will not do anything that will jeopardize the club’s finances. Therefore, Haaland will not have a high salary if he comes to the Royal team.

About Haaland, he once said that he has never let money rule, so the next issue we will talk about is the team’s play which will make the former Molde player upset.

When Real has both Mbappe and Haaland. These two superstars stand on the field together, in theory, Real will have a very strong attack in the next 5-10 years because now in Europe, no one can surpass these two names.

But whether they can “sacrifice” and support each other is a problem. Perez wants Mbappe at all costs, and will not leave him out of the plan or just a part of it. The Real president wants Mbappe to be at the center of everything. 

But Haaland wants to go to a club where he can become the best player in the world, with the same ambitions as Cristiano Ronaldo.

So Haaland can’t be on the same team as Mbappe, just like CR7 can’t be Messi‘s teammate. Haaland needs a club like Man City or Man United to become “the center of the universe” instead of being a part of it. 

Both Manchester clubs are missing a striker for the present and the future. 

So, if Haaland goes to the UK, he will get special treatment.

Will Erling Haaland go to Real Madrid with Mbappe despite being low-paid?
Both Manchester clubs are missing a striker like Haaland

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