What happened after today’s Will Smith punches Chris Rock?

Will Smith is considered being a multi-talented and kind “black brother” in Hollywood. However, before receiving the prestigious award at the Oscar 2022, the actor took a shocking action, hitting his colleagues right on stage.

After Will Smith punches Chris Rock

During a commercial break, Denzel Washington and Tyler Perry pulled Will Smith aside and chatted with the actor. Later, in his speech, Will said that Denzel reminded Will, “At your highest moment, be careful. That’s when the devil comes for you.” Will then wiped his tears and sat down next to Jada, and Denzel stood next to Jada and comforted the actress.

What happened after today's Will Smith punches Chris Rock?

Will Smith’s press secretary, Meredith O. Sullivan, also ran to Will Smith at all breaks. Will Smith and his team were thinking about what he would say if he won the Oscars for Best Actor. Oscars producer, Will Packer, also ran to Will Smith before Best Actor was announced.

Will Smith punches Chris Rock

As a result, Will Smith won Best Actor. When he went up to accept the award, he received applause and even a few boos.

Netizen comment Will Smith punches Chris Rock

After the news of Will Smith punching Chris Rock, the online community had a lively discussion about this issue. Here VietHotNews quotes some of the top comments:

Whatever I say, I still think this is a sign of a good husband. What is mine? I must protect. Not only my wife and me, but everything I love. If you touch yourself, you can’t stand it, but if you touch your loved ones, God will come to the end. Those who still hold on, apologize and let go of one word: coward!

One Netizen thought he had to punch 10 times instead of 1 as Will Smith did:

No matter what, making someone else’s illness a joke on a global live broadcast doesn’t deserve just 1 but 10 punches and has to be punched on TV, not behind the scenes. Because if you’re joking, lock your mouth right there. You guys stop coming up here to act civilized and hypocritical.

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