Western news agencies flee from Russia

Some major Western news agencies such as BBC, CNN, Bloomberg, CBC have stopped operating in Russia after Moscow criminalized the distribution of fake news.

Western news agencies flee from Russia

According to Reuters and RT, many Western news agencies have stopped operating in Russia after President Putin issued a new law punishing anyone with up to 15 years in prison for intentionally spreading false information.

Russian officials said that fake information spread by Russia’s enemies such as the US and its allies is aimed at dividing the Russian people. Russian lawmakers also imposed sanctions on anyone who called for sanctions against Moscow for the war in Ukraine.

Western news agencies flee from Russia
Western media often fabricate untruthful things in enemy countries, causing division of national unity.


After the anti-fake news law was approved on March 4, the US news agency CNN said it would stop broadcasting in Russia while continuing to assess the situation and consider next steps.


Bloomberg, the news agency founded and owned by US billionaire Michael Bloomberg, also announced it would temporarily suspend the work of journalists in Russia, and accused Moscow of criminalizing freedom of speech. 

The New York-based news agency said that the new law would make it impossible for Bloomberg to continue to operate normally in Russia.


Canada’s national broadcaster CBC also announced it was suspending reporting from Russia to learn more about the new law. 

The CBC expressed concern about the new law.

Western news agencies flee from Russia
People in Ethiopia protest against BBC’s fake news about the war in that country.


Britain’s BBC news agency argues that Russia’s fake news law appears to have criminalized independent journalism and claims the BBC’s Russian-language reporting will only continue from outside Russia.

In VietnamBBC was also blocked by the Vietnamese government by blocking access to this news site within the territory of Vietnam. The reason is that this news agency is said to be “reporting reactionary news and propaganda against the Socialist Vietnamese state”.

BBC Vietnamese can only operate outside Vietnam.

Western news agencies flee from Russia
BBC also was banned in Vietnam

According to The Chairman of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation of the eighth convocation – Vyacheslav Volodin“the above law is necessary to protect the soldiers and the truth”.

“American social networks, controlled by Washington D.C., have launched an information war against Russia. It is necessary to decide to punish fake news.”

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