Thanks to the voice of the bread seller, Vietnamese police arrested 2 Korean criminals wanted by Interpol

Only listening to the voice of the bread seller on the street, the Vietnamese police arrested a South Korean criminals wanted by Interpol.

Vietnamese police arrested 2 Korean criminals wanted by Interpol

In April 2022, via data from the management agency of foreigners residing in Vietnam and local patrol, the Police of Trung Hoa ward, Cau Giay district (Hanoi city) discovered 2 South Korean men who had suspicious signs.

These two South Koreans rent a luxury apartment on Tran Duy Hung Street. Vietnamese police monitored and noticed that these two subjects had many suspicious signs.

“The living rules of one of the two subjects have many suspicious points, so we (the police force) sent scouts to monitor him 24/7 to collect more information.” Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Chi Cuong – Captain of the Police Security Team of Cau Giay District, Hanoi – said.

Kang Myung-soo – the Korean criminal wanted by Interpol – revealed

The scouts reported that the suspect named Kang Myung-soo (was born in 1974). In June 2019, Kang Myung-soo was wanted by the South Korean Police for the crime of fraudulently appropriating property.

According to the wanted warrant, Kang Myung-soo swindled 170 million KRW. Kang Myung-soo had fled to many countries before coming to Vietnam to hide.

Even after a while, he often moved between Vietnam and South Korea. Kang Myung-soo even has a lover in Vietnam, so he is quite familiar with the streets of Hanoi.

Identifying the South Korean criminal is a smart guy with irregular living habits, the Cau Giay District Police Security Team planned to “set traps”, put “bait” to “fish” Kang. Myung-soo.

Vietnamese police “go fishing”

“We decided to convince Korean friend of Kang Myung-soo to help the Vietnamese Police. It was very difficult to convince this person. We have to encourage him and ensure absolute safety and secrecy for him.” Captain Do Hoang Thang, Deputy Captain of the Security Team, said.

Admittedly, Kang Myung-soo is a very cautious person, always wary of everyone, including his roommate. When his roommate called to meet him outside, Kang Myung-soo agreed, but kept changing the meeting place.

This guy is wary even to his close friends

Perhaps Kang Myung-soo was suspicious and planned to escape if he was caught by the police. Any location that Kang Myung-soo rescheduled, scouts were immediately present.

However, upon arrival, Kang changed locations. The Vietnamese police at that time wondered: “Does he know that he is being watched?”.

The voice of fate

Suddenly, the voice of a street bread seller: “Hot bread, toasted corn” entered the phone call when Kang Myung-soo called his roommate.

After listening to it over and over again, the Vietnamese police have determined that was a very specific voice and the seller above only sells bread on Tu Mo Street, so Kang must be there.

“In the process of tracking the Korean criminals wanted by Interpol, the above voice accidentally entered the conversation, causing the Vietnamese police to determine that the place where Kang Myung-soo was staying was a coffee shop on Tu Mo Street,” the captain said. Do Hoang Thang said.

The difficulty came again when the Vietnamese police were present at the coffee shop because at this time, the shop had many Korean customers. It was difficult to compare the photo on Kang Myung-soo’s passport because that photo was taken a long time ago.

On the other hand, Hanoi is still strengthening measures to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic, so everyone wears masks. The previous surveillance images of Kang Myung-soo did not reveal the criminal’s face.

At this time, Captain Do Hoang Thang used his personal phone to call Kang Myung-soo. The purpose was that the criminal would pick up the phone, the police force should know where he was in the shop and arrest him.

Vietnamese police arrested 2 Korean criminals wanted by Interpol
The voice of a street bread seller – the Voice of Destiny.

But Kang Myung-soo didn’t pick up the phone

Unable to wait any longer, Captain Do Hoang Thang went inside the coffee shop.

As he passed a table, the captain saw a man holding a cell phone, but in the seat next to him was another phone. Intuitively, Captain Do Hoang Thang called Kang Myung-soo again.

As predicted, the phone on the seat suddenly rang. In the end, Kang Myung-soo was arrested.

Vietnamese police arrested 2 Korean criminals wanted by Interpol
Kang Myung-soo

The second criminal fell into the net

According to Kang’s testimony, the Vietnamese police knew about Han Young-ki (born in 1974) – the “boss” of the loan shark network. Han is also wanted by Interpol on charges of causing bodily harm.

When he fled to Vietnam, Han Young-ki continued to run a loan shark network with South Korean victims in Vietnam. Because Koreans often go to casinos.

Kang was assigned by Han to collect the debtor’s money. Kang and Han meet once a month. Vietnamese police know that Han is temporarily staying at a high-class apartment building in An Khanh, Hoai Duc district (Hanoi).

Kang said that his boss will go to play golf at the weekend and come back at 8 pm – 9 pm. Quite simply, the scouts arrested Han Young-ki at his residence.

Vietnamese police arrested 2 Korean criminals wanted by Interpol
Han Young-ki

Cau Giay District Police then handed over criminal Kang Myung-soo and Han Young-ki – another criminal wanted by Interpol to the South Korean police.

Before that, Vietnamese police also arrested Kim – a Korean drug dealer.

Vietnamese police arrested 2 Korean criminals wanted by Interpol
Vietnamese police arrested Kim – a Korean drug dealer in Southeast Asia.

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