South Korean drug kingpin was arrested by Vietnamese police

When the South Korean drug kingpin (drug lord) fled to Vietnam,he was caught by the Vietnamese police. The South Korean police searched for him for a long time but could not catch him.

South Korean drug kingpin was arrested by Vietnamese police

South Korean media reported that Southeast Asian drug kingpin, who has the surname Kim, is being extradited from Vietnam to South Korea.

Drug lord Kim (47 years old) is an important head of the famous trio of South Korean drug lords in Southeast Asia, including: “Choi – Kim – Park”. They were issued a red notice by Interpol (The International Criminal Police Organization) and listed as extremely dangerous criminals.

Two drug lords Choi and Park were recently arrested by Philippine and Cambodian police. But the last one – Kim also sold drugs to both Choi and Park, so Interpol identified Kim as the final boss. It is estimated that Kim’s drug trafficking network is worth tens of billions of KRW.

According to South Korea’s National Police Agency (NPA), Kim has been accused of supplying illegal drugs since 2018.

Kim leads a network of nearly 20 suppliers in South Korea, dealing in illegal drugs amounting to 7 billion KRW (approximately $5.3 million).

Kim was arrested in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) on July 17 after nearly three years of coordination between Vietnamese and South Korean police forces.

South Korean drug kingpin was arrested by Vietnamese police
The biggest drug trafficker in Southeast Asia was being handed over to Vietnamese authorities. On July 19, he walked out of an entry gate at Incheon International Airport.

In the South Korean action movie “The Roundup (2022)“, the film tells about the battle between a detective Ma Seok Do (played by famous actor Ma Dong-seok) and a dangerous criminal who fled to Vietnam. The film was banned from showing in Vietnam due to its violence and depicts the Ho Chi Minh City area (Vietnam) as a dangerous, outlawed place.

In the film, there is a script of the main actor saying that the law and the police in Vietnam are weak and cannot protect the people. The film shows that Vietnam is a lawless place where South Korean criminals can freely operate.

In fact, it is clear that Vietnam is the nightmare of drug traffickers.

South Korean drug kingpin was arrested by Vietnamese police
Vietnamese police in South Korean movies and reality are completely different in terms of professional qualifications.

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