Valve CEO “Lord GabeN” is shipping Steam Deck to gamers by himself

Valve founder/CEO Gabe Newell has been hand-delivering Steam Decks to gamers in Bellevue, Washington State, the U.S – he even shipped to some fans who didn’t order this console.

Valve CEO "Lord GabeN" is shipping Steam Deck to gamers by himself

In July 2021, Steam Deck is described as “a powerful all-in-one portable PC” capable of running the latest AAA games, runs Valve’s SteamOS software (based on Linux) – allowing players to access their Steam games library and all features. Steam Deck is an open PC which can install any software or connect with any hardware.

Valve CEO "Lord GabeN" is shipping Steam Deck to gamers by himself

Reddit user “bitfiddler0” claims they received an email that looks like spam last week. It notified that his ordered Steam Deck (the new handheld console of Valve) will be arrived early and would be delivered on Saturday.

“I was honestly skeptical and didn’t want to get my hopes up too much,” bitfiddler0 wrote. “Fast forward to today… I told my wife to watch for deliveries while I went on a full-day ski trip with friends”.

“The “delivery guy” comes and wife opens the door. He asks, ‘Is Mike (not my real name) home?’ She says “no but you can leave the package with me….. and what’s with the camera crew?” My wife did not know that the “delivery guy” was Gabe Newell – our Lord GabeN.”

bitfiddler0 added: “Gabe was a super cool and down-to-earth guy though. He said to email him if she has any feedback (to which my wife replied “OK, but what’s your name again?)”

The Reddit user shared the following image, taken by their door cam, which he claimed shows Valve’s CEO hand-delivering his Steam Deck:

Valve CEO "Lord GabeN" is shipping Steam Deck to gamers by himself

Another Reddit user “SeattleRainPidgeons” also claimed to have had some Steam Deck(s) delivered by Gabe Newell this weekend – and he allegedly didn’t even order anyone.

“[I] Saw a camera crew going up to my neighbour’s house while I was loading stuff into my truck”. “My roommate recognized the guy being followed as Gaben, I didn’t believe my friend, our other roommate then verified it was indeed Gabe”.

“After delivering my neighbour’s Steam Deck, we yelled “Hi Gabe!”. At which point Valve CEO asked how many were living in the house, then he went back to his van and grabbed us each a Deck. Was also filmed receiving ours so I assume these will be used in some promo or online. Very cool day.”

The user shared an image of the SteamDeck case, signed by Gabe Newell:

Valve CEO "Lord GabeN" is shipping Steam Deck to gamers by himself

Some netizens joked that “Gaben” is maximizing his profits by not hiring a shipping carrier.

Valve CEO "Lord GabeN" is shipping Steam Deck to gamers by himself“Start the Sale, Gabe. And take my money”

Valve’s YouTube channel uploaded a video about that hand-delivering Steam Decks:

Steam Deck officially began shipping last week. However, the backlog of pre-orders means that anyone submitting a new order now will have to wait until the second half of 2022 before their device actually arrives.

Steam Deck is “a powerful all-in-one portable PC” to run the latest AAA games:

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