Uta – the daughter of Red-Haired Shanks in One Piece: Red

In the latest trailer of the movie One Piece: Red, fans of the series were shocked when they received too much new information. One of the hottest news right now is the daughter of Shanks. Let’s learn about this special character with VietHotNews in the article below.

shanks's daughter

About Uta – the Daughter of Shanks

The One Piece fan community already knew that One Piece: Red would introduce a new main character, but details on their appearance and backstory were not announced until the recent trailer. And this newly introduced character is Uta – the world-famous singer, and also the daughter of Yonko Shanks Red Hair.

shanks's daughter
Uta dances freely under the lights 

This was confirmed in the YouTube caption of the trailer with the synopsis along with the titles “Beautiful Voices” and “Red Hair” being at the heart of the story. Uta is the most loved singer in the world. Her voice has been described as belonging to another world. Uta also does not reveal his true identity when singing. And the upcoming event will be Uta’s first public appearance. The concert venue was already packed with avid pirates, the Marines watching closely. The Straw Hat Pirates led by Luffy was also present to enjoy her amazing performance.

When the voice that the entire world has been waiting for, is also when an unexpected truth is revealed: She is Shanks’ daughter.

Uta’s appearance

In the trailer, we get early images of this daughter of Shanks. Uta has an extremely beautiful appearance and a standard 3-round measurement. Uta has special hair that is divided into two halves, the pink side and the red side. She has big, round purple eyes.

Four Emperor's Daughter
Uta is a beautiful singer with a voice that captivates the world

Uta’s Childhood

Although details about Uta’s past are yet to be revealed, based on what happens in the trailer, we can make some guesses. The trailer opens with Shanks and his daughter standing side by side on a railing.

shanks and daughter
Are Shanks and his daughter talking to each other or simply enjoying the scenery?

It can be seen that Uta and his father are quite close when standing together. Shanks is still wearing the straw hat on his head, showing that he has not met Luffy yet.

Right after that, we see Uta being held by a woman and crying bitterly. This may be the time when Shanks leaves the family, leaving little Uta in grief over being separated from her father. Perhaps because of that, she harbored hatred and became the antagonist of One Piece.

son of shanks
What was the reason Uta cried so pitifully?

How will the appearance of Shanks’ daughter affect the plot?

If One Piece Film: Red becomes part of the main storyline, Shanks’ daughter will have an incredible impact on the story. It would explain why Red-Haired Shanks has always been respected by Luffy and seen as his father. It will also make Shank somewhat resemble his crewmate Yasopp, who left the boy Usopp behind to live the life of a pirate.

In addition, the theory that Shanks is the father of baby Makino seems more likely, since he already has a child. The identity of Uta’s mother has yet to be revealed in the trailer, but it may be revealed in the movie. Shanks’ daughter possesses Skypiean wings, so Uta’s mother is most likely a Skypiean as well.

daughter of the fourth emperor Shanks red hair
Uta has a pair of wings on his back – a characteristic of the people of Skypiea

Nor can we disprove the theory that Uta could also be a re-education, similar to the Vinsmoke children. If that is true, we can infer that Shanks was once a member of the SADS research group. This tells us that Shanks has more ties to the World Government than his encounter with Gorosei. This would support the theory that Shanks was a Celestial Dragon as a child.

If Red wasn’t included in the main storyline, the film would primarily explore the conflict between Uta and Luffy in their views of Shanks as a person. One is a daughter, the other sees Shanks as a father, will Shanks be fair to both?

Above is the latest information about the daughter of Shanks Red Hair – Uta. Currently, we still do not have detailed information about her abilities and powers and detailed past. These will be revealed in the movie One Piece: Red, which is scheduled to premiere on August 6, 2022. Follow VietHotNews to stay up to date with the latest One Piece anime news and other hit anime series!

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