US President Joe Biden ‘shakes hands with air’

A confusing situation just happened when US President finished his speech. Biden ‘shakes hands with air’.

At the end of his speech, he said: “God bless you” and turning to his right and whispering something, he extended his hand to shake someone’s hand (even though no one was around).

Joe Biden even took a few seconds to realize that no one was around, and, visibly confused, he looked around for a moment and walked off the stage.

On Apr 14, Speaking at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in Greensboro, North Carolina, Joe Biden promoted his efforts to strengthen U.S. supply chains, and accelerate American production of semiconductors. Biden defended his handling of inflation, which he blamed in part on Putin’s special military operation.

Job growth had accelerated in Biden’s first year in office, including 365,000 new manufacturing jobs, and the unemployment rate had dropped significantly.

“I know that we’re still facing the challenge of high prices and inflation,” said Biden. “Putin’s action has driven up gas prices all over the world.”

Biden 'shakes hands with air'
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Joe Biden wanted Congress to give final approval to the Bipartisan Innovation Act to boost spending for new technologies and American manufacturing and to compete with China.

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