Trang Tien ice cream – Unique ice cream brand of Hanoi

Trang Tien ice cream is what come first to people’s mind when they are in the center of Hanoi.

Trang Tien ice cream - Unique ice cream brand of Hanoi

Although many new local and international brands of ice-cream have been introduced in Hanoi, the one made by Trang Tien is irreplaceable to many people, thanks to their unique flavors and fresh and natural taste.

Not only the residents but also visitors from other places come here to enjoy the famous ice cream of the capital. Many tourists are also impressed by the ice cream

The first ice cream was brought to Vietnam by the French in the colonial period, initially offered at the Grand Hotel on Hang Trong Street, Hoan Kiem District. At that time, ice cream was a luxury dish for Vietnamese people and not everyone could afford it. It was not until 1958 that Trang Tien ice cream was introduced to the public at 35 Trang Tien Street, after which the ice-cream brand was named.

Trang Tien offers several kinds of ice-cream including fresh ice-cream, popsicle, cone ice-cream and mochi. Among them, the best-seller is the ice-pop. To date, besides flavors of vanilla, strawberry, taro, green tea and durian, Trang Tien still produces the four basic ice-cream on stick exactly like over 60 years ago, which have been kept in the childhood memories of many Hanoians.

Trang Tien ice cream - Unique ice cream brand of Hanoi

The application of handicraft production without using preservatives is the secret for their products to keep good sales, not only in summer but also in the winter. Thousands of ice-creams are sold everyday, according to Hong Nhung, one of the sellers.

Moreover, the “luxury” food of the old time is now dirty-cheap that anyone can enjoy, for only VND 10,000 (US$43 cents) for a stick ice-cream.

In 2020, Trang Tien Ice Cream invested in renovating and upgrading its facility. The old space has now been replaced by a fresh and spacious. On the walls are printed and painted many pictures of old Hanoi, which are loved by many customers, especially young people. However, yet it’s without chairs or tables, as always, customers enjoying their ice cream standing up. It’s actually people’s favorite traditional way, reminding them of the hard time of economic subsidy, when they had to queue and buy products with coupons.

In the long lines, nobody seems to be annoyed or tired of waiting. On the contrary, they are all excited for the food and noisily chatting with their friends, family members, or even some strangers. Then they happily enjoy savory ice-creams on foot all together, creating a lively vibe for the special ice-cream culture of Hanoians.

Whether summer or winter, rain or shine, Trang Tien Ice Cream is always crowded. Currently, in Hanoi, there are many places selling delicious ice cream, mainly imported ice cream, but people still like to eat Trang Tien Ice Cream on that street. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that Trang Tien Ice Cream has become an interesting and cultural feature of Hanoi

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