Top 5 Vietnamese Foods You MUST-TRY in Da Nang

Da Nang is known as one of the most vibrant and attractive city in the central of Vietnam.

Top 5 Vietnamese Foods You MUST-TRY in Da Nang

Because Danang has both beautiful beach and mighty mountains so that visitors often call Danang a Vietnam smaller version. There is no place in Vietnam but Danang that you can taste the specialties from both the North, Central, and South of the country. In addition to the wonderful lanscapes, Danang also has special dishes with unforgettable flavors.

1. Mi Quang (Vietnamese Turmeric Noodles)

Top 5 Vietnamese Foods You MUST-TRY in Da Nang

Quang noodle has its origin from Quang Nam province, a big province near Danang City. This dish is made with rice noodles, fresh herbs, lettuce and flower of bananas.

The noodle is yellow or white in color and made from rice flour, while the broth is made from simmering pork and tibia shin, chickens, or snakehead fish seasoned with salt, sugar, black pepper, shallots, garlic, lemongrass and finally garnished with grilled rice paper and spices.

With a reasonable price, you will get a generous dish with several meat toppings for your taste varying from shrimp, pork to chicken.

Walking along the street in Danang, you can get a bowl of Mi Quang without any hassles.

2. Banh xeo (Sizzling cake/Vietnamese pancake)

Top 5 Vietnamese Foods You MUST-TRY in Da Nang

This pancake is made from a super-thin and crispy layer from rice flour, turmeric, and coconut milk. And the stuffing ingredients include shrimps, beansprouts, pork, mushrooms, and sliced onions.

These fresh ingredients from local markets make this eatery one of the tastiest food you must eat in Danang.

The best time to eat Banh xeo is when they are hot and crispy, straight from the pan, while the heat is still evaporating the yellow of the pancakes. Xeo xeo (sizzling) is the sound of fried rice batter on hot pans.Like many other specialties of Vietnam, this dish comes with many herbs such as basils, corianders, lettuces, and sliced cucumber.

Thus, the fat of meat will be balanced with the freshness and the sweet, spicy, sour, and salty fish sauce. For a roll of this ensemble, you will need a little bit of finesse.

3. Banh mi

Top 5 Vietnamese Foods You MUST-TRY in Da Nang

You can’t talk about Vietnamese foods without talking about banh mi, the country’s most famous sandwich.

Each region of Vietnam has its own interpretation of this sandwich. Vietnamese Baguette Sandwiches is one of most favorite Da Nang foods voted by foreigners because it’s super tasty, not too heavy but can provide enough nutrients for your body to have the energy to function.

Customers can choose whether their Banh Mi is toasted or not. The filling is different everywhere, but normally it will consist of those basics toppings: pate, mayonnaise, ham, meats (pork, chicken, or beef), fried eggs, basil, cilantro, scallions, pickled carrot, and sprinkled with salt, pepper, and chili sauce.

The Vietnamese sandwich is an iconic food in Danang. You’ll find them at street stalls and local bakeries. Try different fillings and have fun exploring banh mi Danang and the different flavors.

4. Bun mam nem (Vermicelli salad with pork and anchovy sauce)

Top 5 Vietnamese Foods You MUST-TRY in Da Nang

Bun mam is a southern Vietnamese dish, thought to have originated in Soc Trang Province, in the Mekong Delta, bun mam nem now becomes popular with residents and visitors in Danang.

It is one of the most delicious dishes that you must eat in Danang. Bun mam is specially made out of vermicelli, pork, vegetables, along with young papaya, peanuts, dried onions, and last but not least, anchovy sauce.

The exquisiteness of this ensemble wholly depends on the taste of its anchovy sauce, which has a secret recipe that differs among restaurants.

5. Avocado ice-cream

Top 5 Vietnamese Foods You MUST-TRY in Da Nang

Among many types of sweet, cool desserts in Danang city, avocado ice-cream has its popularity because visitors and local people usually have it when enjoying the Dragon Bridge performance shows.

Avocado ice cream is a kind of cheap, delicious and nutritious ice cream in Danang. This famous dessert consists of ice cream mixed with fresh avocado smoothie and topped with dried coconut.

In hot summer days, sipping a glass of avocado ice-cream absolutely will beat the heat!

Danang is a real paradise for food-lovers with its distinctive cuisine. Therefore, no trip to Danang is complete without the specialities of this city.

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