TOP 15 unique Korean horror comics!

Horror comics are a popular genre because they bring excitement, creepy excitement and fear in excitement. Especially, Korean horror comics with creepy, unique drawings and rich and diverse content have attracted the love of fans of this genre. In the following article, VietHotNews will introduce you to the top 15 Korean horror comics worth reading!

Korean horror comics

1. Midnight Partner

  • Author: Kim Minhee
  • Genre: Horror, Fantasy

Midnight Partner is a Korean horror ghost manga about a girl who has the ability to see ghosts – Naeun. Because her father is a horror writer who frequents haunted houses for inspiration, Naeun’s family has to move to a crazy place in the countryside.

Just a few days later, Naeun discovered this countryside was full of creepy horror stories. She herself was almost killed by a ghost, fortunately her teacher cum neighbor saved her life… Naeun’s later life had many changes.

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The girl with the ability to see ghosts lives in a place full of ghosts…

2. Haunted Residence

  • Author:
  • Genre: Horror, Tragedy, Life

The Haunted Mansion is a Korean horror manga that is highly graphically appreciated, with delicate drawings and relatively colorful colors. The main content of the series tells about a series of strange events that take place in a small apartment building. The residents are constantly mysteriously disappearing, strange sounds are coming from the apartments, people are acting strangely. Our male lead sets out to find a way to solve the secret hidden behind it. In this journey, many innocent people were also dragged along.

3. Stranger From Hell

  • Author: Kim Yong Ki
  • Genre: Horror, Fantasy

Stranger From Hell is a full Korean horror comic labeled 18+ because it contains many creepy and haunting details. The series has also been adapted into a TV series and has attracted many fans.

The main content of Stranger From Hell is about a young man who comes to Seoul to find a job. To save money, he chooses to rent an apartment in a rather old place. After staying here for a while, he discovered that this inn had a lot of strange things. Scary landlord, perverted neighbors who are always dangerous, a doctor who has money but wants to live in a poor motel.

Korean horror comics
Stranger From Hell TV and Comic

4. My Daughter Is a Zombie

  • Author: Updating
  • Genre: Horror, Comedy

Zombie is a topic that attracts viewers in both television and comic books. The horror series My Daughter Is a Zombie tells the life of a father and son when their daughter is infected with a zombie virus. The city of Seoul where they live is swept by a zombie pandemic, the unfortunate daughter turns into a zombie. After that, the father sneaked his daughter back to his hometown. The life of a human-zombie couple now encounters many funny but equally scary situations.

5. Ghost Teller

  • Author: QTT
  • Genre: Horror, Mystery, Supernatural

For those who love reading Korean horror comics, Ghost Teller is a work not to be missed. In other works, humans will tell stories about ghosts, but in Ghost Teller, ghosts and supernatural forces such as goblins, nine-tailed foxes, .. will help readers see scary stories of children. People. Through each chapter of the series, each dark side of society will be exposed. Readers feel scared not only because of the mysterious and horror element but also because of the terrible truths in life around us.

top korean horror manga
Ghost Teller has beautiful drawings and deeply realistic content

6. Duplicate Game

  • Author: Kim Minhee
  • Genre: Horror, School, Psychological

It is assumed that each person has his or her own version of himself that co-exists in the world. If you encounter your twin, you will lose your life. There are many stories of twins being circulated to prove this.

The Match Game is a Korean horror manga series inspired by this legend. High school girl Song Soo Ji accidentally picked up a strange egg during her lunch break. From here she is caught up in a deadly game set for her by the twin. When the school bell rings, the game is over and that’s when someone loses their life.

7. Ghost Wife

  • Author: Saejung
  • Genre: Horror, Mystery, Romance

Ghost Wife is a Korean horror manga series with romantic elements loved by many readers. The main character of the story is high school girl Eun Ah. Eun Ah’s life becomes strange after a stranger bursts into her room. Eun Ah realizes that there is a guy who always follows her, even into the classroom, but no one feels strange about this. This guy is actually a demon, he wants Eun Ah to become his bride, so he always follows her everywhere.

Korean short horror comics
A story that is both romantic and creepy

8. Tales Of The Unusual 

  • Author: Oh Seong-dae
  • Genre: Horror, Supernatural, Tragedy

When it comes to Korean horror comics, it is impossible to ignore Tales Of The Unusual. The series is a collection of various short horror stories. The story has a novel content with an extremely high level of obsession that makes the reader get goosebumps. At the same time, it also conveys a profound message about the rotten human society today. Tales Of The Unusual also scores points in the look with cold dark drawings.

The content of Tales Of The Unusual tells of a fat and ugly girl. After using a miracle solution she got the beauty she wanted. But then, she discovered the horrifying truth about this solution.

9. Sweet Home

  • Author: Hwang Young Chan and Carnby
  • Genre: Horror, Fantasy

The character of the Korean horror manga Sweet Home is a high school student Cha Hyun Soo. He is antisocial, disgusted with everything in the world, so he always hides in his room to immerse himself in the virtual world. After that, his parents died in a traffic accident leaving him an orphan.

At this time, Cha Hyun Soo decided to sell the house and rent another small apartment to plan suicide. But his new home is so unusual that his plans are put on hold. At this time Korea is invaded by monsters. Cha Hyun Soo was trapped in an apartment building. He and the people around him only had two choices: fight or die.

horror manhwa
The bloody action scenes mixed with horror often appear in Sweet Home

10. Bastard

  • Author: Carnby and Young-chan Hwang
  • Genre: Horror, Thriller

Bastard is a very haunting horror manhwa. The main character of the series is Jin Seon, the son of a serial killer. Few people would have thought that he was the accomplice of these crimes. However, after his father, Dong-Soo Seon, targets Kyun Yoon, a friend of Jin Seon, things gradually change. Jin Seon decides to protect his friend and runs away from his mad father.

11. Jack Frost

  • Author: Jin-Ho Go
  • Genre: Horror, Action

When it comes to Jack Frost, people will immediately think of Jack Frost – the god of ice and snow in English folklore. But Jack Frost in this series is an extremely dangerous character in Amityville High School. This is a very unusual school, where magical creatures fight fiercely to become king and queen. The school girl Noh A was accidentally caught up in this vortex of struggle. To save her life, she turns to Jack Frost for help.

Korean horror ghost manga
Jack Frost with haunting, unique drawings

12. Red Cage

  • Author: KeuKeuJ.J
  • Genre: Horror, Action

Red Cage is a Korean horror manga for ages 18+ because it contains many mature episodes such as substance abuse, sex. If you call 5326 you will be contacted by a taxi company called Rainbow Taxi. This is a special taxi company, it will help you solve all grudges in a neat, clean way. Driver Deke accepts every customer request no matter how quirky, dirty or special it is.

13. Perfect Classroom

  • Author: O-Gu
  • Genre: Horror, School

Perfect Classroom is a Korean horror manga series about a pair of twin sisters. When they transfer to a new school, they quickly attract the attention of their classmates. But no one knows that this pair of sisters hides a lot of secrets. And they made the class gradually change. With its engaging and engaging content, Perfect Classroom won the 2015 Global Rookie Story Project Award.

14. Dreamcide 

  • Author: Jung-Hoon Hong
  • Genre: Horror, Fantasy

The protagonist of the Dreamcide series, Hanzin Nam, frequently dreams a dream. In the dream, the Earth comes to an apocalypse, zombies and ghosts chase humans fiercely. At first Hanzin didn’t care about this strange dream, but after the girl he regularly dreamed of Yuri Hong appeared in his classroom he couldn’t help but notice it. Hanzin Nam became the bearer of the mission to save the world.

Korean horror manga full
Dreamcide tells the story of people’s battle for survival in the apocalyptic context

15. REDRUM 327

  • Author: KO Ya – Seong
  • Genre: Horror, Mystery

A group of friends invite each other to go on vacation in a wild, deserted mountain. The outing goes on as usual until each member begins to have strange hallucinations. Then, one by one, they disappeared. The once peaceful vacation turns into a bloody nightmare.

Above are the top 15 popular Korean horror comics with attractive content that you should not ignore. Immediately update the list of manhwa above to your reading list and don’t forget to follow VietHotnews to read more great articles!

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