Top 13 Romantic, Attractive Cartoons

Cartoon love story is a genre that is loved by many moviegoers because it brings romance, warmth and sometimes humor. If you want to find a romantic anime cartoon with beautiful drawings and attractive content, then immediately discover the following list of 13 movies compiled by VietHotNews.

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1. Villain’s Survival Diary – Villain’s Survival Diary (2020)

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Length: 65 episodes (to be continued)

The Villain’s Survivor’s Diary is the best animated love story adapted from the comic series of the same name. The main character in the film is Nguyet, an actress who specializes in acting as a villain in love movies. After filming a movie, Nguyet unlucky enough to penetrate the script itself. She knew in advance that the end of her character was being burned alive by the male lead at the age of 20.

To protect her life, Nguyet decided to create a good relationship with the male lead so that he would lose his reason to kill her. But unexpectedly, the male lead “turned the car” and liked her. How many efforts to make the story return to Nguyet’s original orbit are “rippled and broken”.

full love cartoon
What must Nguyet do to bring the plot back to its original trajectory?

2. No Doubt in Us – No Doubt (2021)

  • Genre: Comedy, Romance, Historical
  • Length: 24 episodes, 14 minutes/episode

Luu Bu Nghi is an animated Chinese love story that is very popular with Vietnamese moviegoers. The content of the movie is as follows:

Tu Ngoc is the Queen of Dai Than country. She comes from a martial arts family, is not fluent in holding exams and paintings, but only understands martial arts and strategies. Therefore, Tu Ngoc was suppressed by the Empress Dowager, the servants and concubines laughed and slandered her, and the Emperor did not like her. However, Tu Ngoc is still happy and optimistic living in the palace.

One day His Majesty Van Chi came to Tu Ngoc to discuss the harem, the two fell into the lake together. They were then swapped bodies. Since then, many funny stories have happened. Tu Ngoc and Van Chi also had the opportunity to understand each other better.

3. Psychic Princess – Thong Linh Phi (2018)

  • Genre: Comedy, Romance, Historical
  • Length: 16 episodes, 20 minutes/episode

Da U Minh is an eccentric and domineering Royal Family. His Majesty was worried that he would not be able to get married, so he gave only four marriages to Da U Minh and the prime minister’s eldest daughter. The prime minister was worried and didn’t want his beloved daughter to suffer, so he silently brought his daughter, who was raised in the mountains at the age of 8, Thien Van He, to become a substitute for his sister. Faced with the cold, ruthless Night King, Yunxi used her telepathic powers to find a way to deal with him.

good love cartoon
What should Van Clo do when living with the “evil husband” Da Vuong?

4. How to Steal 55 Kisses

  • Genre: Drama, Romance, Modern
  • Length: 12 episodes, 11 minutes/episode

Kiss Theft 55 Times is one of the best Chinese animated movies. Luc Jinnian and Kieu Anhao married according to the arrangement of the two families. They have established a lot of rules such as not making this marriage public, no physical contact, etc.

Although it seems that they are very disgusted with their partners and are not satisfied with family life, in fact Luc Jinnian and Kieu Anhao are high school friends and have liked each other since the first time they met. They became as distant as they are now because there were so many misunderstandings that happened in the past. Their married life is also very forced and lacking in love. Will two people who are in love with each other do anything to reconcile misunderstandings and express their feelings?

5. Be My Wife – Ta Vuong Truy The (2020)

  • Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama, Fantasy
  • Length: 12 episodes, 23 minutes/episode

The content of the full-fledged romance cartoon – Ta Vuong Truyen is as follows:

To Lac was originally a famous assassin, living in the 21st century. However, she died after her lover betrayed her during a joint mission. After that, To Lac came back to life in a world of fairy cultivation. Her identity is now the four waste ladies of the Su family.

She was scorned, despised, and insulted. The only person who is always by her side and protects her is Nam Cung Luu Van. But no one knows that To Lac is the most powerful person in the world.

best chinese love cartoons
Nam Cung Luu Van is the only one who is always beside To Lac

6. Spicy Girl – Evil Woman (2020)

  • Genre: Comedy, Romance, Modern, Romance
  • Length: 32 episodes, 8 minutes/episode

The total talent anime love story – Evil Woman revolves around the female lead To Hieu. Because of his scowling face and scary aura, To Hieu was shunned by everyone from childhood to adulthood. When she reached adulthood, To Hieu chose to be an actress, but she could not play any other roles except villains.

She desperately wanted to get rid of these villainous female characters. Suddenly one day famous actor and producer Tieu Gian contacted Su Hieu and said that he could help her change her image, but she had to fulfill one of her requests.

7. My Cultivator Girlfriend – My Eternal Girlfriend (2017)

  • Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural
  • Length: 15 episodes, 13 minutes/episode

The film is set in a modern day setting where anyone can cultivate. The main character is Ma Anh Hung, a high school student. One time he wandered to the rooftop, he accidentally saved a strange girl named Ly Moc Tu.

But unexpectedly, Ma Anh Hung both saved people and accidentally took away his cultivation power. This got him in a lot of trouble afterwards. What must Ma Anh Hung do to regain his former peaceful life?

good love anime movies
Ly Moc Tu is Ma Anh Hung’s predestined relationship

8. Lan Mo’s Flower – Blue Mac’s Flower (2017)

  • Genre: Romance, School
  • Length: 9 episodes, 13 minutes/episode

Lam Mac is a girl with a personality quite like a boy, but she is extremely gluttonous. She secretly likes her childhood friend. But he only sees her as a close brother and has no romantic feelings for her. Then Lan Mo accidentally possessed a magic hairpin. It makes her more feminine and attractive. Will Lan Mac be able to keep this secret and make her friend like her?

9. Beauty Blogger – Thinh The Trang Nuong (2018)

  • Genre: Drama, Romance
  • Duration: 20 episodes, 20 minutes/episode

Tu Nghiem is a famous makeup blogger. But during a VR reality game, she was stuck forever and couldn’t get out. This game is set in ancient China, where the people lived under the rule of royalty. Tu Nghiem has to complete the task of transforming into a female official to make up for his concubine in the palace so that he can return to the real world. A modern girl, holding many cosmetics, how to survive in this palace?

Top 13 Romantic, Attractive Cartoons

Tu Nghiem must do to complete his mission?

10. How Boss Wants to Marry Me – Tu Sung Diem Tam Bao Bao (2022)

  • Genre: Cartoon, Romance, Modern, Showbiz
  • Length: 3 episodes (still airing), 10 minutes/episode

If you want to find a sweet and funny Chinese love story cartoon, then Tu Chong Diem Tam Bao Bei is a series not to be missed. This series is adapted from the novel of the same name. The main character in the film is Ha Lam. This girl is a not so famous actress. Unfortunately, she also has leukemia and the only person who can help her is Ling Yizhou, the CEO of the entertainment company she signed with. This bond has made two people have more opportunities to interact with each other. General Mausoleum finds all ways to conquer the “wooden head” girl Ha Lam.

11. I’m Joybo – I Am Jiang Xiaobai (2017)

  • Genre: Drama, Romance, Casual, Modern
  • Length: 12 episodes, 21 minutes/episode

I Am Giang Tieu Bach is an anime cartoon with a love story revolving around the male lead Giang Tieu Bach. After an accident, Jiang Xiaobai lost his memory. Ten years later, Jiang Xiaobai graduated and became the Editor of a famous publishing house in Chongqing. At this time, he is assigned by his boss to receive a rising novelist, Tong Le.

When Jiang Xiaobai just met Song Li at the airport, she quickly realized this was her ex-lover from high school. After many years of separation, Tieu Bach lost his memory again, can the two people’s love relationship be restored? Will Jiang Xiaobai be able to regain the memory of Song Li?

best love cartoons
Will Jiang Xiaobai and Tong Le get back together?

12. My Love Story – My Love Story (2021)

  • Genre: Romance, Hilarious
  • Length: 24 episodes

My Love Story is one of the best romantic anime movies. The film’s content tells the love story of Takeo Goda, a gentle high school student, but his appearance is tall and a bit ugly. Contrary to Takeo, his best friend Makoto Sunakawa is a handsome guy. Every girl that Goda loves has a crush on Makoto.

Once, Takeo accidentally saved Rinko Yamato from a stalker. Unlike the other girls, Rinko did not disparage Takeo’s appearance. She felt moved by Takeo’s sincerity and gentleness. But Takeo thinks that Rinko likes Makoto. Afterwards, Rinko bravely confessed her love to Takeo, making him understand the truth. When the two dated, they created an extremely cute, sweet, but equally hilarious combination.

13. Fake Love – Nisekoi (2014)

  • Genre: Harem, Romantic Comedy
  • Length: 20 episodes

Nisekoi is a romantic comedy film produced in Japan. Raku Ichijo and Chitoge Kirisaki are reluctant to date each other under family pressure. Ichijo is the son of the Yakuza leader of the Shuei-Gumi faction and Kirisaki is the daughter of the boss of the Beehive gang. The two of them met and liked each other since childhood. When parting, Ichijo holds the key and Kirisaki holds the key, they promise to meet again one day. But when they meet again after many years apart, they don’t seem to recognize each other. Where will the end of this love go?

Above are 13 animated love stories with interesting and interesting content compiled by VietHotNews. Hope you have found the right movie for yourself through the above article. Don’t forget to follow VietHotNews to watch more great movies!

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