The Will Smith slap was Real or Fake?

The Will Smith/Chris Rock entanglement is the greatest moment in live television history. One of the biggest stars in Hollywood, who is being nominated for Best Actor, slaps one of the biggest comedians and then wins his first Academy Award (the Oscars).

The Will Smith slap was Real or Fake?

So was it real or fake? 

Hypothesis 1: It’s fake, acting, staged

Many audiences want to think it is fake, staged by Hollywood due to ratings slip and zero jokes land. When Will Smith won the award it felt like the slap was even more staged. The slap looked too professional like it occurred on a movie set. 

It’s never a solid slap. There was also a video of Denzel Washington and Tyler Perry comforting Will during the commercial:

A Twitter user posted the slowed-down of the viral smack with the caption: “Chris Rock grimacing for what he knows is coming”.

“His hand barely grazed him. Actors, especially action actors like Will Smith, know how to pull a punch (or slap) This was staged.”

“This is what I have been saying too. Oscars are so dead, nobody cares. Yet it’s all everyone is talking about today. Hmmmm,” said @DogeDontPlay.

The Will Smith slap was Real or Fake?
The photos show the close relationship between Will Smith, Chris Rock and Jada Pinkett Smith

Twitter user @RealCobraLily commented: “This proves that it was staged! Chris starts to pull his head back a little bit early! If Smith even touched Chris it was on the chin, but it looks like a rehearsed stunt.”

2. Others say the slap was real

Smith, after taking his seat and shouting, ‘Keep my wife’s name out your f***ing mouth,’ twice upstage to Rock, the moment grew a lot tenser, the auditorium having fallen utterly silent.

Other celebrities’ horrified expressions, ranging from wide eyes, furrowed brows, and gaping open mouths, seemed to confirm that the hit was real.

3. Body language expert explains

Darren Stanton – a body language expert (whose nickname is the “human lie detector”) has analysed the behaviour of Smith and Chris Rock, is sure that Smith could not have faked “that level of emotion”.

Stanton said: “Once Chris Rock made the joke about Will Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith, you could see a visible emotional shift within the couple”. 

“The joke targeting Jada’s shaved head following her battle with alopecia, clearly made her uncomfortable and she showed signs in her face of awkwardness and disdain after being embarrassed in front of her peers and the world”. 

“Will, on the other hand, made a slightly loose laugh and leant back in his chair, which is a sign of tension or uneasiness.”

The Will Smith slap was Real or Fake?
Darren Stanton – the human lie detector – explained

Stanton explained: “With his hands behind his back when came to stage, Smith displayed a position of authority, like many police officers, politicians and other empowered people stand in certain situations”. 

“Rock was also exposing most of his body and vital organs, a sign that there didn’t seem to be any imminent danger so he must have thought it was going to be a prank”. 

“As Will Smith sat down, the first thing we notice is that he does what we call a chin thrust. This is a classic gesture of power and dominance, like animals do when defending their young. We can also see flared nostrils, prolonged eye contact, which are signs of genuine anger. We also see him flash a micro-expression of disgust, in this instance his nostrils tail in as if he has sensed a bad smell.”

Stanton concluded: “There’s been a number of theories online that this confrontation was staged, however, gauging from the degree of anger that Will Smith was displaying, this was 100 percent genuine”. 

The Will Smith slap was Real or Fake?
As Will Smith sat down, the first thing that he does a chin thrust

You cannot fake that level of emotion

“Shots of Jada on the red carpet show her quite still and rigid, almost in a state of anger or humiliation, proved by her declining to appear in photos with her family.”

“While celebrity reactions from the likes of Nicole Kidman and Meryl Streep in the audience when the incident took place show genuine surprise and astonishment”.

“Mouths aghast, eyes wide open and subconsciously hands are raised in a ‘stop’ gesture, which are all real signs of fear and shock.”

The Will Smith slap was Real or Fake?
Other celebrities’ horrified expressions, ranging from wide eyes, furrowed brows, and gaping open mouths.

Chris Rock declines to file police report after Will Smith slap at Oscars.

But it’s a fact that Rock’s show tickets are selling better.

Pinkett Smith has previously spoken about her ‘struggle’ with alopecia.

In a video posted on Instagram last December, she also revealed how it happened ‘just all of a sudden one day’, but that she was determined to find peace with the condition.


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Smith said when he won the award: “Art imitates life. I look like the crazy father, just like Richard Williams. But love will make you do crazy things.”

Watch the uncensored of the Will Smith slap again


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