The teacher has an illicit relationship with a student’s parent and gave birth

Ms. Ngô Thị Thơm, a teacher at Tan Hung Primary School (Vinh Bao District, Hai Phong City, Vietnam) had an illicit relationship and had a child with her student’s parent in her class.

The teacher has an illicit relationship with a student's parent and gave birth

Talking to reporters, Mr. Tran Trang Trong, headmaster of Tan Hung Primary School, said that the incident started in the 2015-2016 school year – when he had not yet worked at the school.

At that time, Ms. Ngo Thi Thom (Ms. T.) was the homeroom teacher of class 3C – where a son of Mr. Nguyễn Anh Viết (Mr. T) studied. Mr. V. is also the president of the class’s parent association. Ms. T. and Mr. V. have loved each other and remained in an illicit relationship for many years, although Mr. V. has a family.

The matter was revealed, Mr. V’s wife – Phạm Thị Hằng reported it to Tan Hung Primary School and local authorities.

“Ms. T. has an illicit relationship with students’ parents, causing bad publicity. After receiving the information, the school and Vinh Bao district’s Department of Education and Training required Ms. T. to write a report of the incident and commit to correct mistakes. However, Ms. T. did not do that and remained in that illegal relationship, outside of school. We can not control all personal activities”. Trong said.

The teacher has an illicit relationship with a student's parent and gave birthThe homeroom teacher has an illicit relationship with a parent and gave birth, works at Tan Hung Primary School, Vinh Bao District, Hai Phong City.

After that, Ms. T sent threatening messages to Phạm Thị Hằng and forced Mr. V to divorce Hằng.

In January 2021, Ms. T gave birth to a daughter with Mr. V. In September 2021, Mr. Viet signed to divorce Hằng at the People’s Court of Vinh Bao district, his family was in danger of breaking up.

“Based on the birth certificate of Ms. T.’s child, the name of the father is Mr. V. The school has reported it to the local authorities”.

“This teacher is a member of the Communist Party of Vietnam. According to regulations, we must wait for the child is 12 months to be disciplined. Recently, on January 10, 2022, the Inspection Committee of Vinh Bao District issued a decision to excommunicate Ms. T. from the Communist Party”.

At a meeting on October 29, 2021, at headquarter of the People’s Committee of Tan Hung Commune, Ms. T. admitted wrongdoing and violating the law. At the same time, she accepted to raise the child alone and terminate the relationship with Mr. V.

The teacher has an illicit relationship with a student's parent and gave birthAuthorities collected evidence of Ms.T.

On January 25, 2022, the Board of Directors of Tan Hung Primary School punished her as below:

“Ms. T.’s behavior was a serious violation, and therefore issued a punishment is a six-month delay in salary increase. If she continues to have an illicit relationship with Mr. V, the school will fire her”.

Currently, Ms. T. is the homeroom teacher of grade 1 of Tan Hung Primary School.

“Mrs. T.’s life is also hard now, a single mom with two young children”, Mr. Trong shared.

The teacher has an illicit relationship with a student's parent and gave birthAdultery is a violation of law and morality

According to Vietnamese law, “Adultery is a violation of law and morality. Vietnam only recognizes monogamous marriage as legal. Adultery can be administratively sanctioned or prosecuted for criminal responsibility”.

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