The shooter was not prevented from entering Robb Elementary School

“The shooter was not prevented,” Texas officials asserted that gunman Salvador Ramos was unchallenged when he stormed into Robb Elementary School, contrary to initial reports that he was confronted by a police officer.

shooter was not prevented

The gunman easily infiltrated the school

“It was reported that a police officer in the area confronted the gunman when he entered the school. This is incorrect. He was completely unstoppable,” said Victor Escalon (Regional Director, South Texas, Department of Public). Safety) said at a press conference on May 26.

Salvador Ramos armed with an AR-15 style rifle stormed into Robb Elementary School in Uvalde City, Texas, on May 24, locked the door of a classroom and opened fire on people inside. At least 19 students and 2 teachers were killed in the attack.

shooter was not prevented

“From his grandmother’s house to the ditch next to the school and until he entered the school, he did not have to confront anyone. This detail needs to be clarified. It was only 4 minutes after the attack that law enforcement arrived”, added Victor Escalon.

shooter was not prevented
Memorial for the victims of the shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

According to Victor Escalon, the school was not locked when the gunman entered.

The police acted late, and prevented the parents

County police, state police and 80 Border Patrol agents were at the scene of the shooting, but police were accused of acting late, standing outside when gunshots rang out inside the school. 4 Border Patrol agents then entered the school and killed the gunman.

Several videos on social media showed parents of students rushing to Robb Primary School and begging police to let them inside to stop the gunman while the shooting was taking place. In the video, the police stop parents from entering the school and they cry.

shooter was not prevented
Parents are begging police to let them inside to stop the gunman.

“They’re shooting inside the school, and the cops out here take care of us,” someone said in the video.

“We have sent people to help the children. They are on duty,” a policeman told the crowd.

Parents despaired and cried outside Robb Elementary School as police prevented them from entering the school during the shooting.

shooter was not prevented
“How do you shoot my baby?” – A parent arrived at Robb Elementary to learn his 10-year-old daughter had been killed.

shooter was not prevented

The gunman could have killed more people

Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) spokesman Chris Olivarez said he understands why parents want to go to school, but it’s a dangerous situation. When a shooting occurs, the police want to minimize casualties and can’t let people into the school.

Chris Olivarez asserted that the police did not act immediately, but saved many lives when the gunman was under control.

“At that point, the suspect was in the classroom,” Olivarez said. “If the police weren’t there, maybe the gunman would have entered other classrooms and killed more people.”

The police did not have enough information about the exact location of the shooter to kill him immediately. “They didn’t know where the gunman was. They heard gunshots. If they had just rushed in without knowing where the suspect was, they could have been shot by him, and be killed,” Olivarez stressed.

US President Joe Biden can’t handle violence

US President Joe Biden on May 25 said he would visit Uvalde City in the coming days.

The White House said President Biden would not have enough power to enforce a gun ban in the US, because the Senate would not pass the legislation, with opposition from Republicans.

shooter was not prevented
US President Joe Biden cannot issue a gun ban.

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