Taylor Swift named for a new bug

Nannaria swiftae” is a newly discovered species of millipede, its name is based on the famous singer Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift

Regarding naming his newly discovered species “Nannaria swiftae“, entomologist Dr. Derek Hennen shared that he is a big fan of Taylor Swift:

“This is a great honor. Taylor Swift’s music helped me overcome my difficulties in Postgraduate. So I named Swift for my scientific achievement – discovering a new species. That’s how I thank her.”

Taylor Swift

Nannaria swiftae” is one of 17 newly discovered species of millipedes in the Appalachian Mountains of North America.

The entomologist says the millipede plays an important role in the ecosystem. Living at the bottom of the forest, millipedes eat leaves and other decaying plant matter, then release nutrients into the soil.

The new creature is 18 to 38 mm long and has a glossy brown or black body with white, red, or orange spots and white legs.

Along with “Nannaria swiftae“, one of the other millipedes discovered was “Nannaria marianae“, named after entomologist Derek Hennen’s wife.

Last month, scientists took the name of US President Joe Biden to name an extinct species of squid – “Syllipsimopodi bideni”.

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