Survivor boy tells about the moment the shooter attacked. “It’s time to die”

Survivor boy tells about the moment the shooter attacked his classroom at Robb Elementary School. The gunman broke through the door and told the frightened children “it’s time to die”.

Survivor boy tells about the moment the shooter attacked

The boy is studying in grade 4 at Robb elementary school, in the city of Uvalde, where a bloody shooting took place, killing 21 people. After escaping death, he recounted that he and four other friends hid under a covered table when gunman Salvador Ramos broke the door and frantically burst into the classroom.

“When I heard gunshots outside the door, I told my friends to hide somewhere so the killer couldn’t see us,” the survivor boy said.

“I told my friends not to say anything because he would hear. Then he walked into the classroom and said it was time to die.”

A grandmother cries while holding a photo of her granddaughter who died in a shooting at Robb Elementary School, Uvalde City, Texas, on May 24.

When the police entered the school, the police shouted “Scream if you need help”, a girl in the boy’s class shouted “help us”. The gunman heard it, rushed over, the girl died from being shot.

“Then the police burst into the classroom. The killer shot the policeman and the police opened fire,” the survivor boy said.

After 19 classmates and 2 teachers were killed, the boy and other friends jumped out from under the table. Perhaps the cover on the table kept him and his friends undetected by the killer.

“I and my friends decided to go out because I saw the police there. They were wearing bulletproof vests and carrying shields,” the boy said.

The boy also said that the 2 murdered teachersIrma Garcia and Eva Mireles, were trying to protect the students. “The teachers are very good. They cover the students to help and save us.”

Survivor boy tells about the moment the shooter attacked
Irma Garcia (L) and Eva Mireles (R) – Two teachers died protecting students in the shooting.

Consultants say the boy and the surviving students may have suffered psychological trauma.

Texas state authorities said the gunman was at the school for more than 40 minutes. Meanwhile, parents outside the school desperately begged the police to intervene.

Police were accused of being slow to act and unable to prevent the tragedy.

Survivor boy tells about the moment the shooter attacked
Memorial for the victims of the shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

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