Spoiler One Piece 1070: Luffy VS Lucci – Gear 5 overpowered

Spoiler One Piece 1070, chapter 1069 summary: Unable to fight back, Lucci “plays dirty” and takes control of the Seraphim. In the next chapter, Luffy will confront those Seraphim so he can get Vegapunk off the island!

Summary of One Piece 1069

one piece 1070

To confront Lucci, Luffy advances to Gear 5. Lucci also Awakens Devil Fruit to confront him. The fight was quite one-sided because of the difference in strength between the two.

Not long after that, Sentomaru appeared with three Seraphim. He ordered them to fight, then turned to Luffy and said “for you to get Vegapunk off the island”. Luffy was “high” so he laughed and said he would agree. Not happy for long, Senomaru was fatally hit by Lucci. Anger exploded. Luffy seems to useseems to use 100% of his power to stop the villain this time.

One Piece 1070 spoiler prediction

one piece 1070

Chapter 1070 tells us a pretty important piece of information, control over the Seraphim. Sentomaru has a fairly high command level, only inferior to the Five Elders and Vegapunk. However, since he was badly wounded, the Seraphim will now fight on Lucci’s orders. So this time, Luffy will have to fight the new weapons of the World Government.

While Luffy fights, Vegapunk will hurry to prepare his belongings to be ready to go to sea. The next chapter will probably give us some more Vegapunk content before we get back to Luffy and the Seraphim’s fight.

According to Vegapunk’s explanation, Devil Fruits were created from the “wants” of people in the past. This is just a Vegapunk theory, but with the knowledge this genius possesses, the truth about Devil Fruits will probably be similar. Maybe in the past, the Ancient Kingdom with its advanced technologies created Devil Fruits?

According to current developments, the Straw Hats will probably leave the island in 3-5 chapters. Tashigi and the kids were near Egghead and they had already appeared. According to Lag, perhaps Tashigi and the marines will be involved in Vegapunk’s “escape”. Maybe in 1-2 chapters they’ll show up again.

Spoiler One Piece 1070

[The first information about the contents of Chapter 1070]

– Luffy’s battle with Lucci continues. Lucci can’t do anything about Luffy.

– There is a scene where Lucc gets all of Luffy’s “Gomu Gomu no Dawn Rocket” like the picture we saw the other day.
After being mortally wounded by Lucci’s fatal blow, Sentomaru is taken to the hospital for treatment.
– Control of the Seraphim temporarily falls into the hands of Lucci.
– Vegapunk explains about creating Devil Fruits:
/ Zoan types are the easiest to make artificial fruits because they are based on animals. Mythical Zoans are more complicated as they require special conditions.
/ Paramecia system, if you want to make artificial fruit, you only need to have “factor bloodline” from the owner of the original.
/ Logia system seems to be impossible and Vegapunk does not want to discuss this issue in depth.
– Next week maybe the story will be closed.

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