Spoiler Hunter X Hunter 400: Kurapika appears – story continues to be on hiatus indefinitely

Spoiler Hunter X Hunter 400, synopsis 399: Immediately after Kurapika appeared, the manga about hunters went on an indefinite hiatus due to the author’s health problems.

Summary of Hunter X Hunter 399

hunter x hunter 400

In chapter 399, Hinrigh and Nobunaga find Heil-ly’s group of soldiers. Without waiting for the opponent to have time to prepare, Hiinrigh attacked the biggest one. This hand has the ability to convert injuries to the object he holds in his right hand, so it’s okay. Hinrigh threw another knife but was also dealt with quickly.

One of them stepped forward and asked to speak. He’s Yokotani, Heil-ly’s legal advisor. While rambling, Nobunaga threw his sword to attack. The big guy used his ability in time so he was fine. Yokotani also uses his Nen to create “bodyguards”. They sealed Nobunaga and took him away. Hinrigh was also pursued. As a result, they were evicted from Heil-ly’s base – but Hinrigh was able to leave an “oyster”.

Spoiler Hunter X Hunter 400

hunter x hunter 400

Chapter 400 gives us a lot of useful information. First, we learn that Fuugetsu has realized his sister’s death. She almost went crazy and couldn’t keep her head down anymore. According to the spoilers, Fuugetsu is being possessed by demonic spirits.

Elsewhere, Phinks and Feitan are using GPS to track the location of the oyster. Looks like a big fight is about to happen.

In the last pages of the story, Melody goes to exchange with the other bodyguards. It seems she is looking for ways to save Fuugetsu.

In the final frame of the story, Kurapika appears. This will also be the last time this character appears in 2022 because Hunter X Hunter will continue to take a break after chapter 400.

Spoiler Hunter X Hunter will be updated as soon as possible.

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