Ronaldo was splashed with water by fan, bursting into tears because of his defeat. Morocco has put an end to CR7’s World Cup career

Ronaldo was splashed with water by a fan, this hooligan was invited out of the stadium by security staff for this crude act. Leaving the match after the defeat to Morocco, Ronaldo burst into tears.

Ronaldo was splashed with water, Morocco has put an end to CR7's World Cup career

While preparing to replace Ruben Neves in the second half, Ronaldo was splashed on the head by a male audience. Immediately the fans surrounded and criticized this person’s rude actions.

According to SunSport, Al Thumama stadium security staff then immediately arrived and took this Hooligan out, not allowing him to continue watching the match. On the field, Ronaldo appeared from the 52nd minute but could not help Portugal win against Morocco.

The 37-year-old striker had 1 or 2 good chances but could not score. Portugal lost 0-1 and sadly left the tournament from the quarter-finals of the World Cup 2022.

Ronaldo expressed disappointment and regret. After the referee’s final whistle, he went straight into the tunnel and burst into tears. At 37 years old, this is Ronaldo’s last chance at the World Cup.

Ronaldo was present in all three group stage matches but was a substitute for both knockout matches. He did not contribute too much in terms of achievements for Portugal, but created problems off the pitch. The loss to Morocco is the second time in a row that Ronaldo has been pushed to the bench by coach Fernando Santos.

Ronaldo burst into tears in the tunnel when Portugal was eliminated by Morocco

After the final whistle of the Portugal vs Morocco sounded, CR7 went straight into the tunnel with tears of disappointment, despite being patted by a staff member walking next to him.

Although he has not announced his retirement, at the age of 37, the 2022 World Cup is probably Ronaldo’s last major international tournament. Therefore, he aspires to be crowned with the home team.

But that determination and desire didn’t seem to be enough

Morocco has eliminated two teams in the Iberian peninsula, Spain and Portugal, respectively, ending the sublime era of Tiki Taka gameplay. This is seen as historical and cultural revenge, in 1912, France and Spain signed the Treaty of Madrid to jointly occupy Morocco. And in 711, the Moors, an army of Berbers and Arabs (in present-day Morocco), invaded and conquered the entire Iberian peninsula with Islam.

Ronaldo has more regrets when Portugal is eliminated. He was not included in the original squad, in both knockout matches of the European Selecao. Coach Fernando Santos stated that it was for tactical reasons.

Ronaldo was splashed with water, Morocco has put an end to CR7's World Cup career

Ronaldo and 5 times ungrateful with the World Cup

The Portuguese star said goodbye to the World Cup without touching the trophy after 5 times attending the tournament. The very optimists also do not expect Cristiano Ronaldo to appear in the summer of 2026 in Canada, the United States and Mexico to play in his 6th World Cup.

CR7’s path in the World Cup ended at Al Thumama Stadium and his final executioner was Morocco, formerly Uruguay, Spain and France. Cristiano will retire but cannot win the FIFA World Cup Trophy.

Ronaldo was splashed with water, Morocco has put an end to CR7's World Cup career

  • First time in Germany 2006: Beaten by France in the semi-finals

Cristiano Ronaldo’s first appearance at a World Cup brought him closest to the championship trophy. In 2006, Portugal had stars like Figo, Deco, Simao, Pauleta…

They beat the Netherlands in the round of 16 and beat England on penalties in the quarter-finals, with Ronaldo the last in the penalty shootout. But Zidane’s goal in the semi-final knocked them out before the grand final.

  • South Africa 2010: Lose to Spain in the round of 16

Spain – the world champion that year, was the last obstacle for Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal at the World Cup in South Africa. Villa’s goal made Portugal leave.

  • Brazil 2014: Eliminated from the group stage

Cristiano’s worst performance at a World Cup was in Brazil. Portugal failed to qualify for the group stage consisting of Germany, the United States and Ghana.

  • Russia 2018: Losing to Uruguay in the round of 16

Portugal had a memorable group stage and especially a 3-3 draw with Spain, in which Ronaldo scored a hat-trick. However, Portugal lost in the 1/8 round to Uruguay with a score of 1-2.

  • Qatar 2022: Falling in the semi-finals

Morocco has put an end to Ronaldo’s World Cup career.

Ronaldo was splashed with water, Morocco has put an end to CR7's World Cup career
The current social network is filled with wars between Messi and CR7 fans.

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