Ronaldo smiled bitterly when absent from Champions League for the first time in 20 years, Man United players were deducted 25% of wages

Cristiano Ronaldo smiled bitterly when he watched Man United lose to Brighton 0-4. If he stays at Old Trafford next season, he will miss the Champions League for the first time in 20 years. Manchester United’s 0-4 defeat not only caused the players to be criticized but they also had their wages deducted.​

Ronaldo smiled bitterly

Brighton defeated MU with a score of 4-0 in round 36 of the Premier League, making the Red Devils officially unable to win a place in the top 4, meaning that they could not attend the Champions League next season.

After watching Brighton score his fourth goal, Ronaldo completely collapsed. He stood lifeless on the field and could only smile wryly.

Ronaldo returned to Man United last summer and is the top scorer this season with 24 goals, but the Red Devils’ record is extremely poor.

If he continues to stay at Man United next season, Ronaldo will have the first time in 20 years not participating in the Champions League. He could hardly accept it.

The camera captured Ronaldo smiled bitterly, netizens were shocked

Ronaldo smiled bitterly

One netizen commented: “Manchester United is so bad, even their best player is laughing at them”.

Man United have lost 11 games this season and that would be their worst score in Premier League history, even if they beat Crystal Palace in the final game on Sunday (May 22).

Interim manager Ralf Rangnick admitted United’s poor performance in a post-match interview. Erik ten Hag will take over as coach in the summer and he has a lot of work to do.

Ronaldo and Man United stars have 25% wages deduction because they can’t attend the Champions League

In the event that they can beat Crystal Palace, Man United can only win a maximum of 61 points this season. The previous low score record belonged to the 2013/14 season with 64 points.

According to the Daily Mail, there is a clause in the contract between the players and Man United that they will take a 25% salary cut if the club does not qualify for the Champions League.

Ronaldo smiled bitterly

Portuguese superstar CR7 is enjoying £ 385,000 / week and next season he will only receive £ 288,000 / week – CR7’s lowest salary in more than 10 years. Of course, it still very high for a 37-year-old player.

So the highest-paid player in the Premier League will be Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne. 

Ronaldo has a contract with Man United until June 2023 but he can choose to leave. The question is which club would pay that much money for an older player like Ronaldo.

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