Ronaldo returns to training after the shock of losing baby

48 hours after the shock of his infant son’s death, Cristiano Ronaldo decided to return to Carrington to train with his teammates at Man United on the afternoon of April 20.


After announcing the loss of one of the twins on Instagram on April 18Man United allowed the Portuguese superstar to take an indefinite break to be with his family.

Ronaldo’s inability to play resulted in Man United’s 0-4 defeat at Liverpool’s Anfield. At the match, the Man United players shared with Ronaldo by wearing black armbands.

At Anfield, The Kop fans also encouraged Ronaldo. As planned, all Liverpool fans stood up, clapped, and chanted You’ll Never Walk Alone” when the game entered the 7th minute. This is also the slogan of Liverpool.

Ronaldo’s family later thanked the Liverpool fans. Ronaldo’s elder sister – Elma Aveiro wrote “Thank you for this, Liverpool. We will never forget what you did today”. Ronaldo’s other sister – Katia Aveiro – now living in Brazil – also shared the chorus of the song “You’ll Never Walk Alone”.

Ronaldo’s mother, Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro, quotes a famous verse from the Bible on Instagram in Portuguese, which means: “Trust in God with all your heart and do not rely on your knowledge. Admit God and God will guide you.”

Georgina Rodriguez – current girlfriend of Ronaldo

Coach Jurgen Klopp praised the actions of Liverpool fans: “For me, the moment of the match came in the 7th minute. There are many things more important in life than football. We want to share the sadness with Ronaldo and his family.”

Unexpectedly, Ronaldo went to Man United’s Carrington on April 20 and attended the entire training session with his teammates.

Reporters recorded the moment Ronaldo was sitting in the back of a car driven by his driver on his way out of Carrington training center. It is not difficult to see the sadness on Ronaldo’s face when he is suffering from the pain of losing a child.


This weekend, Manchester United will have a very difficult trip to Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium on April 23. Ronaldo will likely play in this match.


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