Revealing Bill Gates’ CV 50 years ago

This is Bill Gates’ CV (curriculum vitae) nearly 50 years ago when he was a freshman at Harvard University.

Revealing Bill Gates' CV 50 years ago

When posting his CV from his freshman year of college on LinkedIn, Bill Gates wrote: “Whether you’re a recent grad or a college dropout, I’m sure your resume looks a lot better than mine did 48 years ago”.

Specifically, according to CV, since 1974, Bill Gates has earned more than 10 thousand USD/year – a huge amount for a freshman. Next is the remarkable academic achievement when Bill Gates got A in most subjects in the university.

About work experience, Bill Gates said he used to be a programmer at TRW System Group in Vancouver, Canada – a company that develops military and civil space systems. In addition, Bill Gates also wrote in his CV that he was a colleague of Paul Allen – who later founded Microsoft with him.

Revealing Bill Gates' CV 50 years ago
Bill Gates and Paul Allen

This resume also has some interesting details such as Bill Gates’ height and weight. At that time, Bill Gates was known as William Henry Gates III.

The CV at that time did not have the help of Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop or Canva, so it certainly would not be as beautiful as it is now. However, this CV still makes a strong impression on employers because most freshmen do not have much to write about themselves, Bill Gates is completely the opposite. He has it all: great income, experience, and a respectable academic record.

Revealing Bill Gates' CV 50 years ago

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