A brave railway guard saves a person narrowly escaped death

A Vietnamese railway guard bravely saved a man narrowly escaped death, just seconds before the train arrived.

The brave railway guard mentioned is Trinh Van Tai (Trịnh Văn Tài) (33 years old, from Ha Tinh province, central Vietnam). He is currently residing in Phu Binh Ward, Long Khanh City, Dong Nai province (southern Vietnam). Trinh Van Tai is currently an employee of Bien Hoa Railway Team of Saigon Railway Joint Stock Company.

The incident happened at 19:35 on the evening of July 5 (UTC+7) at the crossroads of Km1656+004 (Long Khanh – Dau Giay) of the North-South railway, which connected the North and the South of Vietnam.

According to the camera footage (CCTV) recorded, at that time, Trinh Van Tai had blocked train tracks because the train number SE12 was about to arrive. Suddenly, a 50-year-old man fell onto the train tracks. Maybe this man was trying to cross the tracks.

However, due to a fall, the man could not stand up immediately, he showed signs of being intoxicated. Immediately, Trinh Van Tai immediately ran to pull the man off the tracks, just seconds before the train arrived.

Everything happened about 20 seconds. The driver thought the train had caused an accident, so he stopped the train.

On July 6, Saigon Railway Joint Stock Company praised Trinh Van Tai’s brave act. Sharing with the press, Trinh Van Tai said that when he saved the man from the train tracks, he was very nervous.

A brave railway guard saves a person narrowly escaped death
Trinh Van Tai – the brave railway guard (center)

“If I was a few seconds late, that man and I would both die. It’s lucky to save people, anyone in my case will do the same,” said Tai.

Tai said that fortunately the train was running slower than usual. Because if the train was traveling at 70km/h (43.496 mph) as normally, neither he nor that man could have survived.

A brave railway guard saves a person narrowly escaped death

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