Quang Hai yearns to go abroad before it’s too late

After the contract expires with Hanoi FC, Vietnamese football player Quang Hai will likely go abroad to compete in search of new opportunities and challenges.

Quang Hai yearns to go abroad

It is no exaggeration to say that Quang Hai is one of the best football players in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Even, the level of this midfielder is considered to be a superstar, so being forced to stay in Vietnamese tournament like the V-League is a waste of the talent of the young player who was born in 1997.

Quang Hai has always been compared to Chanathip Songkrasin, but the Thai player soon went to J. League 1 to try at Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo since 24. Chanathip Songkrasin proved his strength in one of the most professional football league in Asia.

Now, when Quang Hai is about to turn 25, he can consider going abroad to prove his talent.

Quang Hai yearns to go abroad before it's too late
Quang Hải and Chanathip Songkrasin of Thai football

With his talent, Quang Hai can go to South Korea or Japan to compete. Further, European second-tier tournaments are also said to be suitable for players from Hanoi. Quang Hai will be one of the pioneers of Vietnamese football going abroad to show strength, not a “commercial” contract.

For Hai, this trip abroad will be a turning point in his career, when he will prove his talent in a new professional football environment rather than the V-League. However, it will also be difficult for players born in 1997 because in a new football environment, the challenge will be many times more difficult than domestic football. Because the gameplay is different from the domestic league, and the opponents will be slightly better than the opponents he have met in the domestic league.

If he goes abroad to play, Quang Hai will almost certainly miss Sea Games and AFF Cup, because both of these tournaments are not part of the FIFA system, so the new hosting club might not let him to back to Viêtnam.

“No one wants to lose their players to other tournaments. That affects the squad, the style of play and leads to injuries”. If unfortunately Quang Hai gets injured, the host team will receive the first consequences.

If he cannot return to serve the Vietnamese national team, Quang Hai will certainly receive criticism from domestic public opinion.

Quang Hai yearns to go abroad before it's too late

After all, Quang Hai’s decision to go abroad is still a breakthrough for Vietnamese football, as he escapes from his comfort zone to seek new challenges in a foreign football environment.

However, a lot of difficulties and challenges are waiting for this player.

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