Premier League will be banned in Russia

English Premier League considers canceling a six-year contract, worth £41 million with Russian broadcasters.

Premier League will be banned in Russia

According to the Daily Mail, Premier League is planning to completely stop broadcasting “the most attractive league on the planet” in Russia next week. The final decision will be made at a meeting of the 20 participating clubs on Tuesday (March 8), as the sports world has condemned Russian President Vladimir Putin’s attack on Ukraine.

Previously, the Premier League signed a six-year contract with Match TV (owned by Gazprom Media) of Russia worth £ 41 million and will take effect from next season. But that can be eliminated.

Premier League will be banned in Russia
Premier League will terminate six-year contract with Russia’s Match TV

Premier League chief executive Richard Masters told Business of Football Summit – Financial Times: “Regarding our broadcasting deals in Russia, it’s clear that things are being considered. We are looking at contracts very closely regarding suspension or termination. It will be done quickly.”

The Premier League is putting pro-Ukrainian and anti-war messages on television this weekend.

Captains at Premier League clubs will wear yellow and blue armbands this weekend (similar to the Ukrainian flag), while big screens at stadiums will display a message saying “Football Stands Together” with the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

Premier League will be banned in Russia

This comes after China’s decision not to broadcast the Premier League this weekend (and possibly for the long term) in support of Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

China is Russia’s largest trading partner and one of some countries that did not condemn Putin’s attack on Ukraine.

Premier League will be banned in Russia
Russians could not see “the most attractive league on the planet”

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