Pogba gets hit in the face by Maguire’s shoe, leaves the pitch in anger of fans

In the match between Manchester United vs Norwich City, in a situation Harry Maguire jumped to attack, he kicked Pogba in the head with his foot.​

Maguire’s mistake caused French midfielder – Paul Pogba to bleed and have to ask for doctors. Pogba is very upset. Pogba’s angry gaze turned to Maguire.

The 29-year-old midfielder can continue to play. However, just 13 minutes later, Pogba left the field, making way for Juan Mata. On social networks, Maguire again became the focus of ridicule of fans.


Some netizens commented:

“Maguire deserves to be named comedian of the year.”

“Maguire called the referee to say the Man United player was offside last week, had an own goal, and has now shot Pogba in the head. He’s a bracer for all five top clubs. True genius.”

This is not the first time Maguire has acted confusingly with his teammates. In the second leg of the 1/8 round of the UEFA Champions League, in the match against Atlético Madrid, Maguire hit the head and nearly broke Ronaldo’s teeth.

Before that, Maguire had “stopped” Luke Shaw from defending, creating an opportunity for Tanguy Ndombele to hit David de Gea’s net at close range. In that match, the Red Devils lost 1-6 to Tottenham Hotspur in the 2020/21 season.

Booed by Man United fans, Pogba responds with defiance

Regarding Pogba, when leaving the field, the fans booed and cursed at the player, Pogba also responded with a defiant response.

The reason is probably that Pogba is in the starting line-up. However, the French player played weakly and did not contribute anything. The fans in the stands booed and criticized Pogba. Moreover, this player is also certain to leave Old Trafford when his contract expires this summer, on a free transfer.

The climax was that Man United fans were calling Paul Pogba’s name and cursing as he was taken off by Marcus Rashford in the 74th minute. On his way off the pitch, Pogba had to receive curses from the audience at the Stretford End.

Responding to the audience, Paul Pogba put his hand to his ear to provoke, making the audience even angrier, many people shouted “F**k**g Pogba“.

Pogba leaves the pitch in anger of fans

Coach Ralf Rangnick has appealed to the fans to calm down. He said Paul Pogba does not deserve to be criticized for Man United’s poor performance in this difficult season.

“Man United fans are amazing and I can totally understand they’re disappointed. But we shouldn’t blame any individual or player. It’s the team’s responsibility.”

“I didn’t see what Paul Pogba did at the end of the game but I heard about it. Paul Pogba reacted when he was booed and cursed during the game. As I said, I can understand the frustration of the fans. but I don’t think it’s reasonable for them to boo a player. I think Paul Pogba played quite well in the game even though he had to play against his strength because of the team’s difficulties, “said Ralf Rangnick.

Thousands of Man United fans protested


Before the Man United vs Norwich City match, thousands of Man United fans protested calling for the owner and board to leave the club. Protests continued inside Old Trafford for the first 17 minutes of the match. The fans did not sit down, symbolizing the 17 years of ownership of Man United by the Glazer family.

In fact, the Glazer family has never been loved by fans. Man United fans often protest, criticize and demonstrate against the family of American billionaire Glazer because of the team’s poor performance.

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