One Piece Chapter 1052 Spoiler: The first sensational revelations

The first sensational revelations about One Piece Chapter 1052 were revealed a few minutes ago on the forums.

One Piece Chapter 1052 Spoiler

This chapter 1052 is called: Morning of a New Beginning.

The cover continues with the Germa 66 story with the title: Germa facing Caesar Clown.

Because Wano Country will remain closed, isolated from the world, the elephant Zunesha has left.

One Piece Chapter 1052 Spoiler

Drake and Hawkins have a conversation. Hawkins reveals that he will be the one to survive, with a 1% chance. In fact, Hawkins read the cards and predicted that Kaidou would be defeated, but because of pride, Hawkins decided not to change sides.

7 days have passed since the battle between the Ninja-Pirates-Mink-Samurai Alliance and the Beasts Pirates.

Wano Country now has good development after independence.

Looks like Apoo and Numbers Inbi have teamed up.

Ashura was killed by a bomb explosion caused by Kanjuro. Izou died in battle after fighting CP0 Maha.

Chapter 1052 will have many humorous scenes, with scenes showing off the bodies of Straw Hat Pirates members with Yamato. Specifically, it will be a bathing scene in the royal bath or an outdoor hot spring or something. In particular, Yamato joined the bath with the male members of the Straw Hat crew instead of the female side with Nami and Robin. Other characters like Tama, Carrot, Nekomamushi and so on are also at the bathing area to join in the fun.

One Piece Chapter 1052 Spoiler

Admiral Ryokugyu (Green Bull) is on his way to Wano Country.

Story continues next week.

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