One Piece Chap 1047 Spoiler: The Flower Capital’s Sky

After 2 weeks of waiting, we finally have One piece chap 1047. Here are the leaked information One Piece chap 1047 spoiler.

One Piece Chap 1047 Spoiler

One Piece Chap 1047 Spoiler: “The Flower Capital’s Sky”

In the color spread, the Straw Hats are on the beach with dragon Momo.

  • We get a flashback in Oden burning castle, when Momo traveled to the future.

  • Luffy uses “Gomu Gomu no Thunder”

  • Kaido confirms Roger wasn’t a devil fruit user. He also says that “abilities” are unnecessary to dominate the world.

  • That Orochi was burned by Kanjuro (fire demon Kazenbo) also helped him escape from the sea stone nail Hiyori had stuck and he transformed into Yamata no Orochi.

  • Luffy creates a massive punch that’s bigger than Onigashima’s castle to attack Kaido

There are no new chapters in the next week because of the golden week.

The official translation of chapter 1047 of this mage series will officially release on 24th April 2022 Sunday. Chapter 1047 will be available in multiple countries such as France, Spain, Indonesia, Portugal, and many more.

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