One Piece 1076 Spoiler: Luffy and Zoro Free Kaku with Lucci

One Piece 1076 Spoiler: Luffy and Zoro Free Kaku with Lucci. In another development, Kid meets Shanks in Elbaf.

summary of one piece chapter 1075

In One Piece chapter 1075, Shaka discovers that someone is destroying the snail communication system. The communication system malfunctions, preventing search groups from exchanging information with each other. The Franky-Usopp group finds Pythagoras and discovers that he is still alive. However, York is attacked by S-Snake and turns into stone.

On Shaka’s side, S-Bear and S-Hawk appear. Lucci and Kaku suggest that Luffy remove his shackles so that they can work together to fight the Seraphim.

one-piece 1076 spoiler

One Piece Chapter 1076 is entitled “Old Friends.” This week’s color spread features the Straw Hat crew wearing modern clothes.

Hearing Nami’s scream in the distance, Zoro says that they need to quickly defeat the two enemies in front of them to go protect their Vegapunk and the items. In addition, they can’t keep carrying around two CP0 agents.

Kaku offers to cooperate. He says that he will voluntarily be shackled again after they are done. Luffy agrees on one condition:

“After this battle is over, you won’t kidnap my crew or Vegapunk because you couldn’t beat me, right?”

Lucci agrees. He says that he wants to take care of Luffy first. If Luffy dies, his teammates will follow…

Shaka hands the key to Luffy. The two CP0 agents are unshackled. Lucci and Luffy then fight S-Bear. Kaku and Zoro face off against S-Hawk. S-Hawk has the Devil Fruit power of Mr.1 – Daz Bone, so his body is as hard as steel. Lucci transforms, Luffy goes into Gear 4. In a double-page spread, Luffy, Lucci, Kaku, and Zoro blow away two Seraphim from the building.

Gomu Gomu No Kong Gun!

Six King Gun!

Jail Demon Hell Thrasher!

Thunder Bagua!

In another development, Vegapunk has been captured. He is with a few CP agents who were previously missing, as Lucci mentioned. Vegapunk is wondering why the World Government knows about the Poneglyph research he is doing.

Outside the island, communication reports indicate that 100 Navy ships are heading towards Egghead.

In Elbaf, at a bar, Shanks and his crew are drinking. A giant child comes to ask to join the crew, but Shanks refuses. A few crew members report that Kid is approaching the port.

Benn: “The enemy must be very angry.”

Lucky Roux: “Who do you think they are angry with?”

Shanks: “Looks like we spent quite a bit of time talking! No wonder I just met up with old friends and thought they were dead.”

In the next page, we see Dorry, Brogy, Karsee, Oimo drinking with the Red Hair crew. Shanks says Rockstar informed Kid he had the right to fight or retreat and leave the Road Poneglyph. Shanks then joins Brogy and Dorry into battle.

In the final events, we see a conversation between the members of the Kid gang. Killer said the last time they clashed, they couldn’t even see Shanks’ face and “it might not be just an arm this time”. Kid is still quite “stubborn” – he is determined to fight to the end.

In the last page, Shanks walks towards the shore with the other captains cheering behind him.

Next week the story takes a break.


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