One Piece 1054 Spoiler: Emperor Flame

One Piece 1054 Spoiler: After a month off, One Piece will comeback with extremely attractive details in the new 1054 chapter: Will Admiral Ryokugyu (Green Bull) attack Luffy – the New Four Emperors?

One Piece 1054 Spoiler: Admiral Ryokugyu (Green Bull) attacks Yonko Luffy

One Piece chapter 1053 and 1052 provided a lot of important information to readers. Five Elders (Gorosei) discussed with the Marines about Luffy’s bounty. They asked to take down the Gear 5 picture and remove the “D” from his name. The Marines said they were unable to contact the journalist (i.e. “Big News” Morgans) and that it was too late to change things.

The bounty of Law (Trafalgar D. Water Law), Kid (Eustass Kid) and Luffy is 3 billion Belly each, because because they teamed up to defeat the two Yonkō (Four Emperors).

At the Flower Capital, Tenguyama Hitetsu reveals to Robin that he was Sukiyaki Kozuki. At this point, Robin asked Sukiyaki where Pluton is because the stone in Arabasta Kingdom tells her that the Ancient Weapon is located in Wano.

At the prison, the remnants of The Beasts Pirates were attacked by Admiral Ryokugyu (Green Bull). Tree branches sprouted from the admiral’s body and they sucked all the life out of the pirates, and both King the Conflagration and Queen the Plague were quickly defeated.

Kid arrives at Luffy’s place and announces that he – along with Buggy – has become the new Yonko!

One Piece 1054 Spoiler: Admiral Ryokugyu (Green Bull) attacks Yonko Luffy

One Piece 1054 Prediction

Admiral Ryokugyu (Green Bull) says he doesn’t want to rest because the outside world is a mess. Wano is an isolated island from the rest of the world and since Luffy arrived in Wano, the Admiral has barely known anything.

We predict that while Luffy was busy with Kaido, Buggy has created a “miracle” to become the new Yonko. It’s possible that Buggy’s crew took out the Marines or was due to Shanks’ influence.

One Piece 1054 Spoiler: Admiral Ryokugyu (Green Bull) attacks Yonko Luffy

Admiral Ryokugyu (Green Bull) is heading to The Flower Capital. Maybe Admiral Ryokugyu (Green Bull) is here to trade something with Luffy, or it could be the Ancient Weapon Pluton (one of the three Ancient Weapons).

Author Oda Eiichirō poses too many questions for readers.

  • What is the fate of Kaido and Big Mom? A CP0 guy said he saw Big Mom’s ship, so maybe Big Mom’s crew will save the two former Yonko?
  • What about Sabo? According to the information, Admiral Ryokugyu (Green Bull) had an encounter with Sabo… and where is he now! Could Sabo really die?

These questions will probably be answered in the two new chapters of One Piece 1054 and 1055.

One Piece 1054 Spoiler leaked on Reddit and Twitter

Chapter 1054: “Emperor Flame”.

– The title of this chapter is related to Sabo.

– It was reported that someone was discolored and this incident is related to Sabo.

– The Devil Fruit that Admiral Ryokugyu possesses is Logia-type and its name will also be mentioned.

– This chapter promises to still have many other interesting surprises that have not been revealed yet.

– Next week will continue the story.

One Piece 1054 release time

One Piece 1054 is scheduled to be released on July 25, 2022 Japan time (UTC+9). We invite you to watch.

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