One Piece 1051 Spoiler: Yamato would like to join the Straw Hats

According to leaked information from Reddit and Twitter, One Piece 1051 Spoiler Momonosuke will be revealed and Yamato wants to join the Straw Hats.

One Piece 1051 Spoier
Yamato would like to join the Straw Hats

One Piece Chapter 1051: General of the Wano Country, Kouzuki Momonosuke

– The cover continues with the story about Germa 66 with the title: Germa’s Great Escape.

– After Denjiro’s introduction, Momonosuke presented himself to the entire population as the new Shogun of the Wano Nation.

– Momonosuke’s 28-year-old appearance has long flowing hair. Momonosuke gave a speech in front of the entire population.

– Momonosuke will become the greatest Shogun in the history of Wano Country ever.

– There is a small flashback of Tama and it is related that the taming power of the Kibi Kibi fruit eaten by Tama will last for a month.

– Yamato officially meets with all the Straw Hat Pirates and Yamato swears that he, as “Kouzuki Oden” will board the ship and become a new member of the crew.

– Yamato’s oath to join the crew made the Straw Hat crew members both excited and surprised.

Next week will continue to have the chapter.

one piece 1051 spoiler
Yamato tells the crew that she “Kozuki Oden” will join them

One Piece 1051 release time

After a week of hiatus, One Piece chapter 1051 is scheduled to be released on June 6, 2022 Japan time. Spoiler information will be updated by NOW IN THIS ARTICLE, so if you don’t want to miss all the latest information, save this article or bookmark it right away!

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