One Piece 1050 Spoiler: Glory – Kaido falls in the same place as Big Mom

One Piece 1050 spoiler leaked is Luffy defeating Kaido, and Momonosuke becomes a lord. Let’s have a look at the very interesting details of One Piece chapter 1050.

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Kaido falls in the same place as Big Mom

Summary of One Piece 1049

In the development of One Piece 1049, we learn more about Kaido’s past. The powerful Yonko was once a resident of Vodka Island. For the monarch to join the Reverie. Not accepting slavery, Kaido escaped and became a notorious pirate. At 15, Kaido met Whitebeard and was invited by him to join the Rocks on Xebec’s orders.

Many years later, when he had his own “empire”, Kaido obeyed the old lady Kurizumi Higurashi’s words to “stop selling”, so he went to Wano Country. During a dialogue, Kaido tells King that he knows who Joy Boy is:

That’s someone who can defeat me!

One Piece 1050 Spoiler: Glory - Kaido falls in the same place as Big Mom

True to Kaido’s prediction, Luffy – New Age Joy Boy defeated him. Kaido’s body was buried deep in the ground. Onigashima no longer has Kaido, so it gradually falls. Momonosuke tightened his glutes and clenched his fists, “released an enormous cloud of Fire Clouds, helping Onigashima land safely.

Luffy, after the extreme One Punch Man, also exhausted his strength, and slowly fell to the ground of Wano.

In the last development, Luffy and Kaido are about to collide!

One Piece 1050 Spoiler leaked on Reddit and Twitter

– The title of this One Piece chapter 1050 is: Glory.
– The cover continues to be the story about Germa 66: The one who raided Whole Cake Island to save Niji and Yonji was Reiju and Ichiji, not anyone else.
– One of Kaidou’s horns was broken after being hit by Luffy’s “Gomu Gomu Bajrang Gun” in the previous chapter.
– According to the announcement from the narration, the results of Luffy’s defeat by Kaidou in the previous time will be updated. According to the latest developments: In the decisive battle in the sky of Wano Country, the winner is Luffy.
– The two large holes that Kaidou and Big Mom were knocked into sent them both down into the magma area deep underground.
– The appearance of these two large pit fish has affected the surrounding geological areas and caused faults.
– Magma erupted from fissures on the seabed and next to the sea and led to a tremendous volcanic explosion in the sea area of ​​Wano Country.
– Little Toko’s flashback about the late Lord Yasuie. The reason Yasuie eats the Smile fruit like Toko is because he doesn’t want his daughter to laugh alone.
– After Mr. Hitetsu told Toko about the reason Yasu died, she changed her “Airship” prayer from “I want to see you father” to “I thank you, father”.
– Nekomamushi announced Luffy’s victory to the soldiers all over Oni Island.
– Momonosuke told Zunesha that he would open the country, but not now.
– Momonosuke ran into the Imperial City of Hana and returned to his human form. However, we still can’t see Momonosuke’s adult appearance because of the smoke effect.
– From the capital Hana and the Udon prison area, you can witness a gigantic volcanic explosion off the coast of Wano. Momonosuke reassured the people in the royal capital that there would be nothing to worry about.
– From the same smoke, Hiyori and the Nine Red Scabbards group appeared before the public.
– Denjiro: I would like to introduce to all of you the new General of Wano Country!
– Luffy in one piece spoiler 1050: Still alive and well, covered in bandages, sleeping while snoring.
Next week will continue to have stories.

One Piece release time 1050

After a one-week break,  One Piece chapter 1050 is scheduled to be released on May 30, 2022  Japan time .

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