One Piece 1049 Spoiler: The battle is over, goodbye Kaido?

One Piece 1049 spoiler will be the ending premise for the battle between Luffy and Kaido. Let’s wait for the outcome of this battle and predict One Piece chapter 1049.

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Summary of One Piece 1048

In One Piece 1048, Luffy’s giant fist slowly descends on Kaido. Seeing this, the Four Emperors also unleashed the ultimate move, turning themselves into a terrifying fire dragon.

While the two pirates were preparing to deal with each other, Momonosuke rushed to create a Cloud of Fire and move Onigashima to another place. Next, we are shown a flashback to the past 20 years ago, when Kaido went to Momonosuke. To protect his son Oden, the lords of Wano joined forces to fight Kaido. What the outcome is… we all know. Ieyasu was the only one to be spared. The remaining three lords were imprisoned in the dungeon.

Returning to the present, we come to the situation on Hiyori’s side. Conspiring to drag Oden’s daughter along, Orochi stretched out towards Hiyori. At this moment, Denjiro appeared, slashing the traitor to death.

One Piece 1049 spoiler prediction

Momonosuke was trying his best but producing immediate results sounded difficult. In the next chapter, Momo will probably draw more power from flashbacks and “pass her limits”! VietHotNew guessed that Yamato, Zunesha, or even Law would help the boy.

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Is Orochi dead? Based on this guy’s hustle and fear, VietHotNew guessed he was going to die. Assuming Orochi was still alive, Momonosuke would also give him a punishment appropriate to what Orochi did.

Fun fact: According to legend, Yamata No Orochi was born from the eight body segments of the fire god Hinokagu. That Oda-sensei let Orochi burn to death may be related to this story.

According to the current development, the battle between Kaido and Luffy will end in a few more chapters. After the full blow, both sides were almost exhausted. If there is another fight, Kaido and Luffy will fight again, just like how Luffy fought with Lucci.

According to the script of One Piece so far, “hero Luffy” will always defeat his opponent in front of everyone. That way, Onigashima will land in Wano first (probably right next to Huadu). People who attended the festival then came to watch and saw Kaido defeated. According to VietHotNews, the person who defeated the Yonko will most likely be Momonosuke, not Luffy.

One Piece 1049 Spoiler leaked on Reddit and Twitter

One Piece Chapter 1049: The world we should aspire to

– The cover continues with the Germa 66 story: Someone burned the two books that locked Niji and Yonji.
– Kaidou’s flashback of his childhood when he lived in a country called the Vodka Kingdom.
– A few years later, when Whitebeard came to this Vodka Kingdom to find Kaidou, Whitebeard informed him that Rocks wanted to see Kaidou.
– Returning to the present, Raizo’s flood has poured out from all sides of the castle and Kaidou’s Flame Cloud has disappeared.
– But fortunately, Momonosuke promptly created his own Diem Van to catch Oni Island.
– Luffy says he will create a world where Luffy’s friends will never starve.
– Luffy said as he punched Kaidou in the face and sent him flying straight down to the area of ​​Hana Capital.
– In another flashback, there is a scene where Kaidou tells King that Joy Boy will be the one who can defeat him.
– The story continues to rest for another week after this chapter.

-Robo Thanh-

One piece chapter 1049 - Kaido meets Joy Boy
Kaido didn’t think he would meet the rebellious Joy Boy so soon.

One Piece release time 1049

One Piece chapter 1049 is scheduled to be released on May 16, 2022, Japan time. Spoiler information will be NOW IN THIS ARTICLE, so if you don’t want to miss all the latest information, save this article or bookmark it right away!

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