One Piece 1048 Spoiler: Luffy smash Onigashima ?

One Piece 1048 spoiler will be extremely interesting. Fans, let’s wait for the results after Luffy’s punch. Let’s predict One Piece in chapter 1048.

One Piece 1048 Spoiler

Summary of One Piece 1047

The main content of One Piece 1047 is still the battle between Kaido and Luffy. Using a new move called Gomu Gomu No Thunder, Luffy throws lightning bolts at Kaido. Kaido repeatedly dodged the attack and then used his weapon to hit Luffy on the head. The Fourth Emperor wants to end this long battle!

one piece chapter 1048

Being beaten, Luffy still couldn’t help but laugh. The Straw Hat guy grabbed Kaido with one hand, the other hand puffed up into a giant fist! This will probably be Luffy‘s finishing blow!

In another development, Orochi is burned but can transform into Yamata No Orochi and this time he intends to drag Hiyori with him. At the same time, Onigashima appeared in Flower Capital’s Sky!

One Piece 1048 spoiler prediction

We get to see Orochi burn fiercely with our own eyes, but he still transforms into an eight-headed snake. This attempt by the traitor could have been for him to use his Devil Fruit powers and resurrect once more. As me predicted, Zou’s water would soon reach Orochi and help him put out the fire. A certain character will appear to destroy Orochi and protect Hiyori. Maybe Zoro will be that person?

one piece 1048

Onigashima is already very close to Flower Capital and Momonosuke needs to hurry! Having eaten Luffy’s punch, Kaido could not control the Fire Cloud, leading to Onigashima’s rapid fall. Falling into a forced situation, Momonosuke used 200% of his power to support Onigashima, ensuring the safety of the people of Wano Nation.

With the current development, perhaps Kaido will be completely defeated in 2-3 chapters and the entire Wano people will see it – the same way Luffy defeated other formidable enemies like Crocodile or Doflamingo .

If Luffy is the one to handle Kaido, then Momonosuke needs to be the one to thoroughly deal with the evil god Orochi. This is not just about revenge for Oden anymore, it is something Momonosuke must do if he wants to protect and guide Wano in the future.

One Piece 1048 Spoiler leaked on Reddit and Twitter

One Piece 1048 spoiler will be updated on May 4th at the earliest. Usually, it will be available on Reddit and Twitter first. VietHotNews will update as soon as there is accurate information.

One Piece chapter 1048 Reddit

Chapter 1048 is titled: 20 years ago.
– Momonosuke continued to push Oni Island away to stay out of range of Luffy’s attacks.
– Kaidou now transforms into a giant fire dragon. The heat from the Kaidou people burned the horns on the roof of Oni Island.
– Luffy’s new punching move is called “Gomu Gomu no Bajrang Gun”.
– Kaidou is in the palm shooting position and also has a new move called “Fire Eight Trigrams”.
– Kawamatsu looked up at the sky and shouted: Defeat Kaidou for us.
– Start flashback to 20 years ago after Oden was executed.
– As soon as Kaidou learns Oden has a child, he immediately sets out to the castle to eliminate Oden’s last bloodline.
– Many people have sacrificed themselves to stand in Kaidou’s way and be killed by him. Oden Castle was engulfed in flames.
– After Oden fell, the four lords of Wano Shimotsuki Yasuie, Shimotsuki Ushimaru, Fugetsu Omusubi, Uzuki Tempura faced two choices: bow to serve the Kaidou-Orochi clique or stand up to resist. against them.
– And the choice has been decided, the four lords and many people have launched a great uprising against the Kaidou-Orochi cliques all over Wano.
– Unfortunately, the uprising was brutally suppressed by the Kaidou- Orochi cliques. Many people died, and the survivors were now enslaved. Wano Country sank into the dark night.
– Except for Yasuie, the remaining three lords were imprisoned in a cave on Oni Island. And they met Yamato was also imprisoned there. Together they helped Yamato escape and then died with Kaidou.
– Back to the present, Orochi (as the Eight Great Snakes) is writhing in the fire.
– Orochi intends to drag Hiyori to death. Fortunately, Denjiro appeared in time and cut off Orochi’s head.
– The lanterns that Wano people put up in the sky also carry the following wishes: Pray for Orochi to disappear, I want to escape from this hell, etc.
– At the end of this chapter, Luffy and the dragon Kaidou are about to collide.
At- End of this chapter, continue in the next chapter.
-Robo Thanh-

One Piece release time 1048

Taking a week off for Golden Week, One Piece chap 1048 is scheduled to be released on May 9, 2022, Japan time. Information about Spoiler will be updated by IMMEDIATELY AT THIS ARTICLE.


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