NBA Utah Jazz vs Dallas Mavericks – Play Offs Game 4 – Picks, Predictions & Odds

NBA Utah Jazz vs Dallas Mavericks – 13h30 04/23/2022 [PT]: The end of an unfinished dream.


Without Luka Doncic, the Wild Horses of Texas still taught the Utah Jazz a lesson in solidarity by winning 126-118 in Game 3. Despite the opponent’s home advantage, Jason Kidd and his students continued to perform high-class outer basketball with the ability to throw 3 points. Perhaps the Conqueror of the annual season last year will soon say goodbye to the Playoffs from the first round.

Utah Jazz has already received a lot of attention from non-professional issues, like the feud between Gobert and Mitchell or the troubles in the dressing room. The performance of the Utah Band had a big decline at the end of the season and few people expected their journey this season. Dallas Mavericks have an injured Doncic before the Playoffs. Luckily for them, Brunson and Spencer Dinwiddie are doing very well in their roles.

Utah Jazz vs Dallas Mavericks Handicap

  • Quarter 1: Dallas Mavericks
  • Quarter 2: Dallas Mavericks
  • Quarter 3: Utah Jazz
  • Quarter 4: Dallas Mavericks

In 8 encounters this season including the Preseason, the Dallas Mavericks has 5 wins and 3 defeats. The recent victory in Game 3 was also the 2nd time in a row that the Wild Horses of Texas crushed their opponents despite having a bad start in Game 1. The Mavs affirms the spirit of solidarity, drawing their ambition, instead of depending on superstars. Of course, Brunson had to go out for treatment, the possibility of him being able to play in the next match will really be a question mark. After scoring Career-High 41 points in the second game, Jalen continued to carry Dallas with 31 points in the last match. The power of Big Man’s 3-throw ability like Kleber or Bertans is making The Mavs’ gameplay more diverse than ever. The Utah Band will continue to face difficulties if they cannot block the enemy’s outer attacks. Gobert in Game 3, in addition to the beautiful backhands, his performance can be summed up as “Disappointment” with 15 points and 7 rebounds. Dallas with Brunson can continue to play, or the return of Doncic has a chance to win Game 4 at the opponent’s home field.

After 3 games, with 2 matches towards the Over bet with a total of 244 points in the last match. Jazz’s defense is getting worse, the Horses show unstoppable in the outer area, the next match will probably continue to be exciting. This match will probably be Over.

Utah Jazz vs Dallas Mavericks final score prediction & odds

  • Quarter 1: Utah Jazz 26 – 29 Dallas Mavericks
  • Quarter 2: Utah Jazz 29 – 33 Dallas Mavericks
  • Quarter 3: Utah Jazz 35 – 31 Dallas Mavericks
  • Quarter 4: Utah Jazz 27 – 29 Dallas Mavericks
  • Halftime: Utah Jazz 55 – 62 Dallas Mavericks ( O )
  • Fulltime: Utah Jazz 117 – 122 Dallas Mavericks ( O )

Utah Jazz vs Dallas Mavericks cluster table


Utah Jazz vs Dallas Mavericks lineup prediction

Utah Jazz: O’Neale, Conley, Gobert, Bogdanovic, Mitchell.

Dallas Mavericks: Dinwiddie, Bullock, Powell, Brunson, Finney-Smith.

Utah Jazz vs Dallas Mavericks Recent Performance


Utah Jazz vs Dallas Mavericks Head to Head History


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