NBA Denver Nuggets vs Golden State Warriors – Play Offs Game 3 – Picks, Predictions & Odds: 19h00 04/21/2022 [PT]

NBA Denver Nuggets vs Golden State Warriors – 19h00 04/21/2022: The disparity continues to be confirmed.


The match between Denver and Golden State will probably be over if Joker can’t carry his teammates to victory in the first home game at Game 3. The difference in level has been confirmed in 2 games. They ended quickly with the difference in scores reaching 20 points. The return of The Chef with his killer instinct in the last match reduced the chances of the mining team to come back.

Denver Nuggets finished in 6th place in the Western standings before the Playoffs. When Jamal Murray and Michael Porter still can’t return, the chance of making a surprise for the mining team will be very small when the responsibility of carrying the team will depend on Nikola Jokic. Golden State Warriors continued to perform an enchanting gameplay with efficient shots. Steve Kerr will aim to win Game 3, which will likely be the Nuggets’ last game.

Denver Nuggets vs Golden State Warriors Handicap

  • Quarter 1: Denver Nuggets
  • Quarter 2: Golden State Warriors
  • Quarter 3: Golden State Warriors
  • Quarter 4: Denver Nuggets

Indeed, Denver Nuggets created difficulties for Golden State Warriors in the early season with 3 consecutive victories including the Preseason. The Bay warriors are being appreciated more, with the return of the atom trio and especially the crazy form of Jordan Poole. Shooting Guard No. 3 in scored at 30 each game. Stephen Curry is also gradually regaining his form after injury, in the game 2 he only got 34 points and the ratio of 3 points is 5/10. Along with the rise of Klay Thompson in the outer circle, Denver faced a lot of difficulties in defense. Nikola Jokic and Will Barton were not enough to bring in the necessary points. The Nuggets’ 3-pointer performance in 2 games didn’t even reach 40%. So there were not many opportunities for them when they were led by the opponent. The Warriors will probably continue to win the next game although it will be a bit difficult when they play away from home.

Golden State Warriors is still famous as the team with the best defense in this year, perhaps only behind Boston Celtics. The brilliance in the attack with 3 pitchers contributed greatly to the victory of both games at Chase Center, but the defense from the Greens or Wiggins could not be ignored. Nuggets’ score can be less than 110 and the match will turn to Under.

Denver Nuggets vs Golden State Warriors final score prediction & odds

  • Quarter 1: Denver Nuggets 31 – 28 Golden State Warriors
  • Quarter 2: Denver Nuggets 24 – 27 Golden State Warriors
  • Quarter 3: Denver Nuggets 19 – 33 Golden State Warriors
  • Quarter 4: Denver Nuggets 29 – 21 Golden State Warriors
  • Halftime: Denver Nuggets 55 – 55 Golden State Warriors ( O )
  • Fulltime: Denver Nuggets 103 – 109 Golden State Warriors ( U )

Denver Nuggets vs Golden State Warriors cluster table


Denver Nuggets vs Golden State Warriors lineup prediction

Denver Nuggets: Gordon, Barton, Jokic, Morris, Green. 

Golden State Warriors: Green, Poole, Looney, Thompson, Wiggins.

Denver Nuggets vs Golden State Warriors Recent Performance


Denver Nuggets vs Golden State Warriors Head to Head History


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