NBA Chicago Bulls vs Milwaukee Bucks – Play Offs Game 4 – Picks, Predictions & Odds

NBA Chicago Bulls vs Milwaukee Bucks – 10h00 04/24/2022 [PT]: The Last chance.

Chicago Bulls vs Milwaukee Bucks

Contrary to Game 2, the Illinois Bulls were easily defeated by the Bucks with a difference of 30 points. Despite one of the opponent’s tridents, Khris Middleton, receiving an injury and unable to play, the Bulls were still completely inferior to the disastrous throwing performance. The next home match will be decisive for them, if not changed immediately, the possibility that LaVine and his teammates will be eliminated early is very high.

The Bucks are currently leading in this BO7 with a score of 2-1, Game 4 will be an opportunity for the Illinois Bulls to make a surprise. They do not own a quality and uniform staff like the Bucks, but 2 superstars, DeRozan and LaVine, can still carry the whole team on a beautiful day. Milwaukee Bucks easily won Game 3, the difference coming in Portis and Allen’s ability to throw 3 points. The power of the Bucks, if they play hard, can completely destroy the opponent in the next game.

Chicago Bulls vs Milwaukee Bucks Handicap

  • Quarter 1: Chicago Bulls
  • Quarter 2: Chicago Bulls
  • Quarter 3: Milwaukee Bucks
  • Quarter 4: Milwaukee Bucks

The instability of the Bulls is worrying the fans. But honestly, the chance for them to go deeper in the Playoffs with the current lineup is very poor, the Bulls lost to 8 of the last 10 encounters with the Bucks. Of course DeMar DeRozan in Game 2 could give them hope. Victory in Game 2 saw 41 points scored from the Foward wearing the number 11, along with the contributions of Vucevic and LaVine when scoring over 20 points. However, in Game 3 at home recently, no name of Bulls reached 30 points. They cannot keep up with the opponent’s play.

On the other side, the Deer’s tight defense made the Bulls unable to attack as well as defend. Giannis supported the duo Grayson Allen and Bobby Portis with a top performance in the outer circle. Although Khris Middleton could not play in the next game, with this dou’s form, Game 3 will be another victory for the Bucks. This is a game that the Chicago Bulls must win, they will do their best.

While Milwaukee Bucks are a well-organized team, with perfectly matched individuals, Chicago Bulls are a collection of stars and a desire to make a difference. The upcoming match may return to Under, with the total score close to the expectation.

Chicago Bulls vs Milwaukee Bucks final score prediction & odds

  • Quarter 1: Chicago Bulls 28 – 26 Milwaukee Bucks
  • Quarter 2: Chicago Bulls 33 – 23 Milwaukee Bucks
  • Quarter 3: Chicago Bulls 24 – 29 Milwaukee Bucks
  • Quarter 4: Chicago Bulls 24 – 30 Milwaukee Bucks
  • Halftime: Chicago Bulls 61 – 49 Milwaukee Bucks ( O )
  • Fulltime: Chicago Bulls 109 – 108 Milwaukee Bucks ( U )

Chicago Bulls vs Milwaukee Bucks cluster table

Chicago Bulls vs Milwaukee Bucks

Chicago Bulls vs Milwaukee Bucks lineup prediction

Chicago Bulls: Williams, Caruso, Vucevic, DeRozan, LaVine.

Milwaukee Bucks: Portis, Matthews, Holiday, Lopez, Giannis.

Chicago Bulls vs Milwaukee Bucks Recent Performance

Chicago Bulls vs Milwaukee Bucks

Chicago Bulls vs Milwaukee Bucks Head to Head History

Chicago Bulls vs Milwaukee Bucks

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