NBA Brooklyn Nets vs Boston Celtics – Play Offs Game 3 – Picks, Predictions & Odds

NBA Brooklyn Nets vs Boston Celtics – 16h30 04/23/2022 [PT]: Revenge of the Fallen.


Contrary to the predictions of experts before the match, the Massachusetts Clover continued to prove its ambition in this year, with an impenetrable defense. The power of Tatum and his teammates neutralized the atomic pair Irving and Durant. This will be a big morale boost for the Celtics towards a 3-0 at the Barclay Center of the New York City Dark Forces in the next game.

Brooklyn Nets finished at Seed 7 after the Play-in match with the Cavaliers, the fate brought the New York City’s Blacks to continue to become the opponent in the first round of the Playoffs. The impressive performance at the end of the season made the Nets expect a lot, but after 2 losses, going forward is a difficult problem for Irving and his teammates. Boston Celtics won 7 of the last 10 matches, including the last 2 successful Playoffs games. Clover is not only more mature in team play, but their defense also shines in decisive moments.

Brooklyn Nets vs Boston Celtics Handicap

  • Quarter 1: Brooklyn Nets
  • Quarter 2: Brooklyn Nets
  • Quarter 3: Boston Celtics
  • Quarter 4: Brooklyn Nets

The score of this matchup was 2-0 in favor of Boston Celtics, in this season, Tatum and his teammates are on a 5-win streak against the Brooklyn Nets. This is surprising to know that in the previous 10 encounters the Massachusetts Clover has only won once, even in the first round of the Playoffs last year they lost to the Nets with a final score of 4-1. In recent Game 2, Jaylen Brown played a dual role in the Celtics’ attack, with 22 points, 4 rebounds, and 6 assists. Jayson Tatum became a pure PG when he scored 19 points but also had 10 assists. Up to 7 players of Celtics scored 10 or more points in this match. The performance of Theis and Horford with the ability to score in the middle is very good. Marcus Smart’s defensive ability continued to be the highlight in the last match. While Durant got 27 points but his FG performance was 4/17, Uncle Drew was worse at 4/13 and only got 10 points in his 40 minutes on the field. In this 3rd match, New Yorks’ Blacks will certainly put a greater determination, they have to reclaim 1 game and bring this BO7 back to balance.

Brooklyn Nets are very strong in scoring and weak in defense, especially in the inner circle. Boston Celtics once again affirmed that they are the NBA’s strongest defense in this annual season. The upcoming match may turn to the Over bet when the victory belongs to the owner of Barclay Center.

Brooklyn Nets vs Boston Celtics final score prediction & odds

  • Quarter 1: Brooklyn Nets 33 – 23 Boston Celtics
  • Quarter 2: Brooklyn Nets 32 – 29 Boston Celtics
  • Quarter 3: Brooklyn Nets 27 – 30 Boston Celtics
  • Quarter 4: Brooklyn Nets 29 – 25 Boston Celtics
  • Halftime: Brooklyn Nets 65 – 52 Boston Celtics ( O )
  • Fulltime: Brooklyn Nets 121 – 107 Boston Celtics ( O )

Brooklyn Nets vs Boston Celtics cluster table


Brooklyn Nets vs Boston Celtics lineup prediction

Brooklyn Nets: Durant, Brown, Drummond, Curry, Irving.

Boston Celtics: Horford, Smart, Brown, Theis, Tatum.

Brooklyn Nets vs Boston Celtics Recent Performance


Brooklyn Nets vs Boston Celtics Head to Head History


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