Mike Tyson punches passenger on plane

Former boxer Mike Tyson punched a passenger on an airplane after being harassed.

Social media is spreading a video of Mike Tyson punching a passenger in his back seat of an airplane. This is the time to prepare for the flight from San Francisco (California) to Florida, USA on April 20.

“Unfortunately, Tyson had an incident on the flight with an aggressive passenger. This passenger harassed and threw a water bottle at him,” Mike Tyson’s representative explained to Fox.

Witnesses on the plane said that Mike Tyson was very friendly at first when a fan sitting in his back seat asked for a photo with him. However, this person then repeatedly provoked the boxing champion.

Mike Tyson asked the man to stop, but he couldn’t. The former boxer got angry and turned to punch this man repeatedly in the face. When security staff intervened, the passenger who was punched had scratched his head and was bleeding. Both Mike Tyson and the victim were taken to the police station.

Mike Tyson

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