Miami Heat vs Philadelphia 76ers – NBA Quarterfinals Game 1 – Free Picks, Predictions & Odds

Miami Heat vs Philadelphia 76ers – NBA Quarterfinals Game 1 – 16h30 05/02/2022 [PT]: Sublimation in defence.

Miami Heat vs Philadelphia 76ers

The first round of the Playoffs was fairly easy for the Heat, with a 4-1 scoreline against “Ice” Trae’s Atlanta Hawks. The power of the Florida Flames will make the Sixers nervous in the first game. Most likely with the current performance, Jimmy Butler and his teammates can quickly finish round 2 after Embiid has just received an additional injury.

Miami Heat have finished the annual season in 1st Seed in the East, their strength against the Hawks once again confirms the ambition of this team this season. With Gangster-style defense, it is difficult for opposing pitchers to be as effective as usual. James Harden will continue to be locked in this game 1. Philly temporarily broke the fate of coach Docs River when the team won 4-2 eventually over the Raptors. Injuries and unstable performance of the pillars will be a dilemma for the Sixers in the upcoming encounter.

Miami Heat vs Philadelphia 76ers Handicap

  • Quarter 1: Miami Heat
  • Quarter 2: Philadelphia 76ers
  • Quarter 3: Miami Heat
  • Quarter 4: Philadelphia 76ers

Miami Heat has often been rated higher than the opponent in recent seasons, with 6 wins in the last 10 clashes. This season, the Florida Flames are not showing their position against the Sixers, when the head-to-head score is currently 2-2. In the last match, which took place at the end of March, the Heat had to receive a final defeat with a score of 113-106.

The current situation may be very different when Miami’s squad still ensures quality in the next match, and Embiid will have to suffer his pain to continue to bear the burden of scoring. The current injury has reduced his usual form. James Harden and Maxey are still performing in an unconvincing form in round 1 of the Playoffs. The current context makes The Beard become the leader of the Sixers’ attack,  against Miami Heat has a famous defensive ability.

Heat, despite not having Jimmy Butler in the 5th game against the Hawks, still won overwhelmingly with the performance of Oladipo, Adebayo, or Herro. The quality of the squad is what makes the Florida team slightly better than the opponent. Heat will probably easily win Game 1 with home advantage and the confidence gained after the quick end of round 1.

Neither the Heat nor the Sixers have had high scores in their last five matches. The Heat can defend collectively, they only lose less than 100 points per game on average. Heat may bring the score of this match below expectations when locking down the opponent’s stars.

Miami Heat vs Philadelphia 76ers final score prediction & odds

  • Quarter 1: Miami Heat 25 – 21 Philadelphia 76ers
  • Quarter 2: Miami Heat 26 – 28 Philadelphia 76ers
  • Quarter 3: Miami Heat 31 – 19 Philadelphia 76ers
  • Quarter 4: Miami Heat 21 – 25 Philadelphia 76ers
  • Halftime: Miami Heat 51 – 49 Philadelphia 76ers ( U )
  • Fulltime: Miami Heat 103 – 93 Philadelphia 76ers ( U )

Miami Heat vs Philadelphia 76ers cluster table

Miami Heat vs Philadelphia 76ers

Miami Heat vs Philadelphia 76ers lineup prediction

Miami Heat: Butler, Strus, Adebayo, Vincent, Tucker. 

Philadelphia 76ers: Maxey, Green, Embiid, Harris, Harden.

Miami Heat vs Philadelphia 76ers Recent Performance

Miami Heat vs Philadelphia 76ers

Miami Heat vs Philadelphia 76ers Head to Head History

Miami Heat vs Philadelphia 76ers

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