Man City vs Liverpool – Fierce battle on 3 fronts

Man City vs Liverpool, these two teams will continue to have fierce matches in all three arenas that they aspire to win, including Premier League, FA Cup, and Champions League.

Man City vs Liverpool

Having won the Champions League 6 times, Liverpool won the final 6-4 against Benfica. While Manchester City overcame difficult Atletico Madrid to reach the semi-finals.

Arena 1: Champions League

Jurgen Klopp‘s army are having many opportunities when their next opponent is Spain’s Villareal, who are in the semi-finals for the first time. Meanwhile, Pep Guardiola faces Real Madrid, the greatest team of the twentieth century with 13 Champions League titles.

Liverpool will have the home advantage in the first leg on April 26 or 27, and the return leg on May 3 or 4. Man City also has a similar journey with the first leg taking place at Etihad has the second leg at Bernabeu.

Man City vs Liverpool – fierce competition for the Premier League title

The red team has won the League Cup this season and is chasing the historic quadruple. Meanwhile, Man City does not hide its ambition to win a treble.

Man City vs Liverpool
These two teams had a great showdown last Sunday in the Premier League.

The defending champions Man City have twice taken the lead at the Etihad thanks to Kevin De Bruyne and Gabriel Jesus. But Diogo Jota and Sadio Mane helped Liverpool get 1 point.

The Kop is still 1 point behind Man City while both teams have only 7 matches left to finish the season. The battle for the Premier League throne has no word “mistake”.

Man City vs Liverpool – FA Cup semi-final this weekend

The two teams will play again this Saturday, at Wembley in the FA Cup semi-final. Of course, this will be a delicious party for football fans around the world.

Man City vs Liverpool

Champions League final?

If both reach the Champions League final, we will see the two giants of English football in Paris on May 28. About 10 days after one of them appeared in the FA Cup Final.

In recent years, Man City and Liverpool have created the most attractive two-horse race in English football history. Like the El Clasico of the foggy country.

Man City vs Liverpool
It is possible that Liverpool and Man City will meet in the Champions League final

Both teams have a strong potential with quality stars, world-class coaches, and the most modern way of playing.

The competitions between them are the climax of the beautiful attacking play, speed, and extremely eye-catching.

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