Maguire broke Cristiano Ronaldo’s teeth

Center-back captain Harry Maguire knows Cristiano Ronaldo is standing next to him but “incomprehensible”, he can still headbutt his teammate in the face.​

Maguire broke Cristiano Ronaldo's teeth

In the 66th minute, Manchester United got a corner kick on the left and the score was 1-0 in favor of Atletico Madrid. 

At that time, Harry Maguire stands in front of Cristiano Ronaldo. The British player’s task is harassing the pair of defenders Stefan Savic, and Renan Lodi. Ronaldo from behind will head up.

It seemed that this tactic had been practiced many times, but Maguire stepped back and headbutt very hard into Ronaldo’s mouth. CR7 tried to bear the pain to continue playing.

Due to a collision with Maguire, Ronaldo did not have time to catch the ball that was quite suitable for Alex Telles. Looking back at the slow-motion phase, Ronaldo was quite painful and clutched his mouth.

Luckily, Ronaldo’s teeth were not broken.

Maguire broke Cristiano Ronaldo's teeth

On social media, fans all expressed their frustration with Maguire because this is not the first time, he “became a comedian” in the match.

“A great man-to-man defense by Maguire, but with teammates”,

“Maguire should be a comedian instead of a player”,

“Poor defense, bad support for the attack, but he costs 80 million euros. Perfect contract”,

“Making De Gea and Ronaldo hurt, Maguire is a guardian angel for Atletico”. – Netizens commented.

Maguire became the focus of online ridicule.

Maguire broke Cristiano Ronaldo's teeth
CR7 tried to bear the pain to continue playing. He was quite painful and clutched his mouth.

But that wasn’t the only forgettable move from Maguire. 

Earlier in the 52nd minute, Maguire was too confident to hold the ball in the penalty area. When he ran out of ways, he returned to De Gea‘s foot.

The Spanish goalkeeper immediately “corrected” the situation by kicking the ball away from the goal, the ball reached Rodrigo De Paul‘s feet and the player finished very quickly. Fortunately for Man United, De Gea is still in control of the situation.

In the second leg of the 1/8 Champions League round on the morning of March 16, Atletico Madrid defeated the host Man United 1-0 thanks to Renan Lodi‘s goal. In the end, Atletico beat MU 2-1 after 2 matches and won tickets to the quarterfinals.

In January, Bruno Fernandes confidently said that MU would win both the Champions League and the FA Cup.

But in February, MU was eliminated from the FA Cup. In March, they were knocked out of the Champions League.

Maguire broke Cristiano Ronaldo's teeth
Bruno’s Sadness

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