Lukaku – Chelsea’s failed contract, urgent sale

The blockbuster contract named Romelu Lukaku is showing extreme disappointment. Chelsea needs to do now is probably “liquidation” him as soon as possible.

Lukaku - Chelsea's failed contract, urgent sale

Lukaku was bought by Chelsea in the hope that he would show a great performance like Real Madrid’s Karim Benzema. But in the end, the sublimation of the French striker only emphasized the Belgian’s disappointment.

While Benzema is like a good wine, the older the wine is, the better it tastes. Lukaku is like a failed cocktail.

Chelsea’s £ 97.5 million contract can only sit and watch Real’s number 9 on the field with an impressive 3-1 victory, defeating The Blues.

Lukaku finally came to play after more than 60 minutes of the game. At that time, Chelsea was losing 0-2. The Belgian striker is expected to create something to save the situation.

However, Lukaku only brought disappointment. While Kai Havertz worked hard to shorten the gap with a goal and countless dangerous shots, Lukaku completely disappeared.

Lukaku - Chelsea's failed contract, urgent sale
Lukaku came on from the bench in hopes of making a difference

3 minutes after entering the field, the Belgian player had the first good situation. However, he failed to header after receiving a pass from a teammate.

In the 69th minute, the player born in 1993 had an unbelievable miss.

Captain Azpilicueta crossed the ball from the sideline into the penalty area, the ball hit a Real Madrid player’s leg and changed direction, surprising Real’s defenders. Lukaku finished from close range. Although he was not accompanied by anyone, he sent the ball out, which was extremely unfortunate.

Lukaku - Chelsea's failed contract, urgent sale

This missed goal caused the Belgian player to be criticized by netizens.

A fan wrote: “Missing opportunities like this is why he’s on the bench”, and another said: “A failed Chelsea signing, sell him immediately”.

It seems unfair to blame a player who only appeared in the final 30 minutes of the game. The fact that the Chelsea defense had a bad day made them suffer a painful defeat.

But for nearly £100m, Lukaku has to make a lot of marks. He had a chance but only to show people how bad he was.

The fact is that the form of the Belgian striker is at the bottom of disappointment. In the last 10 matches, Lukaku had only been in the started line-up twice, against lower-tier teams Luton Town and Middlesbrough in the FA Cup.

Lukaku - Chelsea's failed contract, urgent sale
While Benzema scored 2 goals with his head in a difficult position, Lukaku shot outside in an easy situation.

Coach Thomas Tuchel has completely lost faith in Lukaku and he will use Kai Havertz instead of Lukaku.

Although Havertz was not excellent, Tuchel had no one to use. In addition to a frustrated LukakuTimo Werner has also lost confidence in goals.

It has been reported that Lukaku wants to return to Inter Milan, the team that helped this player get the most sublimation period in his career.

According to Gazzetta dello Sport, Lukaku is still keeping in touch with Inter Milan and the Belgian wants to return to Italy this summer. Even Lukaku informed the Inter Milan leadership.

Lukaku is willing to reduce his salary to 7.5 million euros/year (£ 120,000 / week) to return to Inter Milan. The Belgian striker currently earns around 12.5 million euros a year (£ 200,000 per week) at Chelsea.

Lukaku and Chelsea are the wrong combinations. Chelsea lost a lot of money and Lukaku was in alarming form. They’d better break up.

Lukaku - Chelsea's failed contract, urgent sale
Lukaku wants to return to Inter Milan

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