Kaido’s strongest ultimate in one piece 1048

Kaido’s latest attack in One Piece chapter 1048 is the first time the Yonko uses this power in the battle at Wano. probably Kaido’s strongest ultimate.

Kaido's strongest ultimate
In the last scene of One Piece chapter 1047, Luffy’s giant fist is so large that Momonosuke has to move Onigashima out of the way of the punch. Of course, Kaido was not someone who would give up so easily. And this was shown in the latest chapter of the series.

One Piece chapter 1048 focuses on Luffy vs Kaido. There is even a strong Haki clash between these 2 characters. Despite Luffy’s powerful Gear 5, Kaido is still pushing the Straw Hat captain to push his limits. These final attacks will determine the entire outcome of this war.

In a forced situation, Kaido unleashed his deadliest attack. It far exceeds the attacks of these Yonko, which shows that the governor of the Beasts Pirates has unleashed his full strength. So how terrible is Kaido’s new attack on Luffy? Find out with us

Shoryu: Kaen Hakke attack can be roughly translated as Ascension Dragon: Fire of the Eight Trigrams. However, it takes time to prepare. Kaido transforms into a dragon and surrounds himself with an extremely intense fire. It is very similar to the strongest attack of the Three Ears King called Karyudon.

One Piece chapter 1048 reveals that Kaido’s latest form is extremely hot. The body heat of this Yonko can even melt Onigashima’s giant horn. Kaido then launches a new attack called Shoryu: Kaen Hakke by opening his mouth and causing a huge shock wave.

Kaido's strongest ultimate

Kaido’s new attack seems to be covered by Conqueror Haki. Straw Hat Luffy must prepare his final attack to deal with arguably Kaido’s most powerful move from the beginning of the Wano arc to the present time.

Luffy uses a new move called Gomu Gomu no Bajrang Gun, which roughly translates to Monkey God Gun. Both attacks are so powerful that Luffy and Kaido can’t even reach each other, but enough to shake them all. Most notably, Luffy had to close his eyes during the massive shockwave caused by Kaido’s attack, and even had to raise his arms to protect his body from this powerful attack.

In a word, Luffy’s Gear 5 made Kaido use his most powerful technique in One Piece chapter 1048 and this attack will probably determine the outcome of this battle.

Either way, Kaido’s attack is among the strongest in the One Piece series. His fiery dragon form is extremely hot and can melt the surrounding area. Without Gear 5, Luffy would have a hard time reaching Kaido. Very few characters force Kaido to use this special move. Luffy deserves credit for forcing this Yonko to unleash his ultimate.

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