Johnny Depp won the lawsuit, Amber Heard had to pay $8.35 million

Johnny Depp won the defamation lawsuit, Amber Heard must pay $15 million after the final court judgment. But later, the court reduced the sentence to $8.35 million.

Johnny Depp won the lawsuit

Amber Heard is extremely disappointed by the court’s decision, “a step back for women”

Actress Amber Heard is saddened and says her loss in this case is a “step backward” for women who dare to speak out about domestic violence. Heard said she had no right to free speech during the trial.

However, the evidence presented by Johnny Depp is much more convincing than Heard’s.

In particular, many of Johnny Depp’s ex-girlfriends have protected him, like supermodel Kate Moss.

Although Amber Heard is not satisfied with the court’s decision, Depp has reclaimed her honor. He proved to the world that men are also victims of domestic violence.

Besides, the court’s ruling could completely ruin Heard’s career, like the bed sheet she pooped on.

Johnny Depp won the lawsuit
Amber Heard is saddened and says her loss in this case is a “step backward” for women.

Amber Heard must pay $8.35 million

The court ruled that Amber Heard must pay $10 million in damages and $5 million in punitive damages. Total is 15 million dollars.

However, after finding that Amber Heard’s total net worth was only $8 million, the court reduced the maximum penalty for punitive damages to $350,000.

That means Heard has to pay a total of 10.35 million dollars.

But, the court found that Amber Heard was also partially affected by the lawsuit, so the court deducted an additional $ 2 million in compensation for Depp.

Thus, in the end, Heard had to pay $8.35 million to Depp.

Although the court did its best to help Amber Heard, in reality, her net worth is only $8 million, meaning Heard had to borrow $350,000 to pay her ex-husband.

Johnny Depp won the lawsuit
Depp celebrates with his female lawyer – Camille Vasquez

Amber Heard’s career was completely ruined

In addition, the return to Amber Heard’s acting career is extremely difficult, when film studios are very difficult to choose her to act.

Amber Heard has also been removed from the Aquaman 2 project. If Heard participates, the audience will likely boycott this blockbuster.

On the other hand, in the US, whoever loses a defamation lawsuit will have no value in their words in the future.

Johnny Depp won the lawsuit

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