Jimmy Lin has recovered from a terrible car accident

On July 24, news site 163 reported that the younger brother of singer/actor Jimmy Lin Chih-ying confirmed that the actor had regained consciousness. He has recovered.

Jimmy Lin has recovered from a terrible car accident

The actor’s wife – Taiwanese former model Kelly Chen – also thanked the helpers, fans and the public after the terrible accident.

“I would like to thank everyone for their concern. Jimmy Lin’s condition is improving every day, thanks to the care of Chang Gung’s medical team and everyone’s blessings. I would like to sincerely thank everyone enthusiastically saved Jimmy and Jenson.

He is in good condition, Jenson is slightly injured, is being monitored and recovered. At this time, I want to inform everyone, because there is a lot of negative news circulating online that makes me, as the wife, feel very sad. Hope people don’t believe unverified news,” wrote Taiwanese former model Kelly Chen.

Jimmy Lin has recovered from a terrible car accident

According to 163, due to a facial fracture, Jimmy Lin had to undergo orthopedic surgery, which can affect the actor’s appearance, the recovery process takes at least a year.

Jimmy Lin and his son – Jason had a traffic accident on July 22 in his Tesla car. The actor was rescued by people, got out of the car only 5 seconds before the Tesla caught fire.

Fortunately, there was an ambulance on the road, Jimmy Lin and his son were immediately taken to the hospital. The doctor said that the actor had a broken face bone, a broken shoulder blade and a mild brain injury.

Jimmy Lin’s brother said that the family will hold a press conference at 2 pm on July 25 to announce the actor’s health situation and answer questions from the public.

Jimmy Lin’s family came to 5 people to rescue the actor when the accident happened and gave each person 1 million TWD (equivalent to 33,500 USD). However, photographer Wúmíngqīn (a helper) refused to receive the money. “That’s what everyone does when they see someone in need,” says Wúmíngqīn.

Jimmy Lin has recovered from a terrible car accident

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