iOS 15.4 severely drains the battery on iPhone 13

A series of iPhone phones have experienced rapid battery drain after upgrading to iOS 15.4 operating system.

iOS 15.4 severely drains the battery on iPhone 13
Many iPhone phones have fast battery drain problems after upgrading to iOS 15.4

fast battery drain issue after upgrade to iOS 15.4

Over the past few days, many iPhone users have voiced complaints about their phones draining battery quickly after updating to iOS 15.4. An iPhone 11 user said his phone can last all day when using iOS 15.3. After updating to iOS 15.4, the battery of this phone only lasted until noon.

Other iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 users also have the same problem. This is a matter of concern because the iPhone 13 is rated as the phone with the best battery life ever from Apple.

Not letting customers wait long, Apple has made the latest announcement on this issue. However, Apple’s explanation does not satisfy all users.

The full text of Apple’s announcement reads:

Thank you for contacting us! We are happy to help you. After each system update, apps and features need about 48 hours to work properly again. If the fast battery drain problem persists after this time, please contact us directly to find a solution.

Thus, Apple’s solution to the problem of battery drain on the iPhone 13 is to do nothing and wait for 2 days. It is worth mentioning that some users have had this problem for almost 1 week.

iOS 15.4 severely drains the battery on iPhone 13
Apple Support notice about fast battery drain issue

At the end of the announcement, Apple also includes a link to the “Optimize battery life” support page. Ironically, the first solution that this site recommends is “Upgrading the operating system to the latest version” – the main cause of battery drain on iPhone phones.

In addition to the somewhat odd measure above, Apple has some pretty useful tips for users who want to increase battery life on iPhone such as turning off Wi-Fi, reducing screen brightness, or turning on battery-saving mode. Until iPhone battery life returns to normal as Apple promises, these are probably the only measures users can take.

What’s new in the iOS 15.4 update?

Apple just released the iOS 15.4 updates on March 14. One of the most notable features on iOS 15.4 is the ability to unlock Face ID when wearing a mask. Users can also set face to unlock when wearing glasses or not.

Another cool feature in iOS 15.4 is the ability to copy text from a photo into the Notes and Reminders apps. The Universal Control feature is also present on iOS 15.4. Universal Control allows users to control Mac computers and iPad tablets with the same keyboard and mouse. Apple also added some new emojis on iOS 15.4 such as heart hand, pregnant woman, pregnant man, Hamsa hand, and more.

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