“Grinning Girl” meme – Kailia Posey has passed away

Young actress Kailia Posey died at the age of 16. She gained global fame with the meme titled “Grinning Girl” in an American reality television series “Toddlers And Tiaras“.

Grinning Girl

Actress Kailia Posey’s mother – Marcy Posey announced the sad news on Monday – May 2, but did not want to comment on the death of her daughter.

Police found Kailia Posey’s body at Birch Bay State Park, Washington State on Monday afternoon. Birch Bay State Park is located quite far from Kailia Posey’s home, about a 30-minute drive. However, the real cause of death of this 16-year-old actress has not been announced and is too much of a secret.

What makes the public saddest is that Kailia Posey just celebrated her 16th birthday on April 19, just a few weeks before her death.

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