Finland will join NATO, Russia will attack Scandinavia, war will spread?

On May 12, Finnish President Sauli Niinisto (Sauli Niinistö) announced that the Republic of Finland will join NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), a landmark decision in the neutral country’s national security policy.

Finland will join NATO

The Finnish government and parliament are expected to soon approve the process of joining this military alliance.

The Republic of Finland since World War II, because of its support for Nazi Germany, was punished by the Allies, they decided to be neutral in the entire cold war. In Scandinavia, only the Kingdom of Norway is a member of NATO. The Republic of Finland and the Kingdom of Sweden pursued neutrality.

It is worth mentioning here that Finland has a border with Russia, which also lost part of its territory to Russia during the Soviet era.

Finland will join NATO
Finnish areas ceded in 1944

Earlier, Russian President Putin also said that any country close to Russia’s borders joining NATO is also “a threat to Russia’s security”. The most obvious example is the fate of Ukraine.

Finnish President tells Russia ‘You caused this’ as he signs security pact with the UK.

Finland will join NATO
Both Sweden and Finland will join NATO

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